Thursday, November 1, 2012

i never walked the party line

 Happy Halloween from Pikachu and Ash!

Pikachu was one of the coziest costumes I've ever worn. Maybe I will use it for pajamas. Last night was fun because Yogurtland was giving 5 free oz. if you came in costume and then we danced with our friends. Dressing up with Preston is one of my favorite things because it is never a half-hearted process.

Halloween is a funny holiday to me because when it's done it's IMMEDIATELY November. Like Christmas you have a few days before New Year's which is like, duh, it's January. And Thanksgiving you have a few days before December starts. Same with Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day. I'm so excited for these next two months because they are my favorite times of the year. It always feels like after Christmas is over it will be an ETERNITY before next Christmas and nothing in between could ever be that good, but I've been having the best year!
 This past weekend I had a trophy-wife Saturday. I mean I woke up, went to the gym, then brunch, then got my nails done, then saw a movie, then went home to make dinner. All that was missing was playdate for my babies while gossiping with other mommies. So a few things. I love brunch. Do you want to win my heart? Take me to brunch. The Perks of Being a Wallflower was very, very sweet. That book was one of my absolute favorites in middle school and I was totally like, "Omgzzz Stephen Chbosky YOU GET ME. I JUST WANT 2 FEEL ~*iNFiNiTE*~" But it was honestly a big part of my growing up and I thought the movie was well-made and well-cast.
 All I want for my birthday is a trenchcoat and black patent loafers. I want Alexa's Valentino flats in slingback style for my wedding day. I've always loved the Valentino Rockstuds, but lately I cannot get them out of my mind as wedding shoes. AM I CRAZY? The answer is absolutely.
Important. Is Clemence Poesy pretty??? Yesterday I was on Tumblr and I liked 10 pictures of her in a row. But I would look at her and be like wait. Are you pretty? Or do you just have the best wardrobe? Alyanna and I came to the conclusion that she is very charming and has excellent style but is not actually pretty. Except in this picture. In this picture she is so pretty.


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