Wednesday, December 12, 2012

2012 holiday gift guide

 girls holiday gift guide 2012

1. Hanae Mori No. 7 Perfume This is my current favorite scent. It's flirty
and playful and the right amount of sweet. I put it in my "candy"
perfume category.
2. Fair Isle Sweater There's only a few times a year you can get
away with Fair Isle, and we are right in the midst of it. The weirder the
print, the better. I've had some trouble finding cute girl sweaters, so
hit up the extra smalls and smalls in the guys' section too.
3. Capri Blue Volcano Candle This is my favorite candle I've ever smelled
and if you don't like it, you are wrong.
4. Marc Jacobs iPhone Case iPhone cases are one of those things you don't
actually want to buy, but you should, which is why it makes a great gift.
I not-so-secretly love the outrageousness of this Marc Jacobs one, but
there are more subtle options if you are not as Asian as me. (I've had
the MJ Dreamy Logo Metallic case since I got my 4S and still love it).
5. Coffee Table Book Another thing you don't actually want to buy,
but is so great to have. Coffee table books are pretty to display and
look at and make great conversation starters. I got an awesome one
last year (Savage Beauty) and highly recommend it along with any
fashion ones.
6. J.Crew Camp Socks These socks are warm, cute, functional and
warm. If they were the only socks I owned, I wouldn't be mad.
7. Bangle Bracelet I read in a gift guide that jewelry was a bad gift to
give to a girl, but I disagree. Jewelry is one of my favorite gifts to receive!
A pretty bangle dresses up any outfit and you'll probably see it make an
appearance at a holiday party.
8. (Chic) Snow Boots Recently bought myself a pair of L.L. Bean boots
and they have been my favorite purchase this season. Especially living
in Utah, it's important but difficult to find all-weather shoes that are
both functional and chic. Sperry and L.L. Bean do it for me.

mens holiday gift guide 2012
1. Boots These are just cool. You can tell a guy knows what the hell he's
doing by his shoes. If you are sporting these, I bet you know what you're
doing or associate with someone who does.
2. Diptyque Tam Dao Cologne This smells like Christmas and lasts so long.
The Diptyque candles are amazing and I recently learned they have a
fragrance line that is now being sold at Nordstrom.(used to only be
available at Barney's, Saks, Neiman's, etc.) The colognes and perfumes
are delicious and so festive. Tam Dao is a cabin at Christmastime in a
3. Timex Field Army Watch I'm really picky about men's accessories.
You shouldn't be more accessorized than me. This Timex is simple and
does the job and the absolute best part is you can change the bands.
This is a great gift to give because you can give watch bands for the rest
of your guy's existence.
4. Fair Isle Knit Tie So down with this tie. It's cool and unique. I think
I've only seen one of these in real life and it looked awesome.
5. Coffee Table Book Specifically this book. You know the blog?
Yeah, well they made a book and apparently it's hilarious. Also girls,
you can look through it and be like, "This is looks sooo good don't you
6. J.Crew Leather iPhone Case Preston and Alyanna both have leather
cases from J.Crew. They're chic without being loud and are great quality.
7. J.Crew Camp Socks Same goes for guys. Cozy, cool and FAIR ISLE!!

I tried to think of things NOT to buy a guy or girl, but nothing I write
will be as funny as this list. I love giving presents, but I especially love
giving gifts that I know my recipient has mentioned wanting or has
been admiring for a while. Hopefully this gave you some ideas for
this year. Everyone have a bomb Christmas and remember that
giving is way more fun than receiving.

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