Monday, December 3, 2012

they say you're a freak when we're having fun

I have had some fun times since I last blogged. First Thanksgiving break happened. Preston and I joined the Baker family in Colorado. I think the first picture sums up the week. The Bakers have adopted Preston for Thanksgiving since he's been at school and this year I had the privilege of joining him. I just love this family and loved Thanksgiving break. It was a week of reading, eating, shopping and eating. I finished Charles Bukowski's Women. I have wanted to read that book for a year or so now and I finally bought it. Charles Bukowski is like Chuck Palahniuk to me. You expect every book to be something revolutionary because Tumblr says it will be based on the absurd amount of reblogs these authors get but then you read it and it's the same vulgar prose with a few chosen lines that are excellent. That was what Women was to me. Filthy, but a few notable passages sprinkled throughout the filth. I started 1Q84 and I love it. It might be my favorite Murakami yet. It's a long read...800+ pages I think, but I haven't been able to put it down. Another fun thing that I got to experience over break was Preston's mission. Preston served in Denver and on Sunday we drove around his areas and got to visit some wards he served in. It warmed my heart to see the people that remembered him and how happy they were to see him, especially the ones he taught and baptized. Missionaries are cool.
I turned 21 last week! It was such a fun birthday. Usually celebrations are pretty low-key for me because my birthday always falls during Thanksgiving break or actually Thanksgiving. I'm lucky enough to have friends that made me feel special from the moment I woke up to the last hours of my day. Above was my birthday dinner with some of my favorite people followed by a surprise party. I've never had a surprise party in my life! So that was a lot of fun. My friends are the sweetest people :) I'm excited to be able to attend 21+ shows now. 
This weekend I saw The Nutcracker in Salt Lake. Did you know I LOVE THE NUTCRACKER?? Ballet was my first love. Honestly. I remember my parents letting me try every single sport. My school district did this thing called summer academy where you could enroll in random classes like karate or jewelry making or chemistry. I took a dance class and fell in love. My mom enrolled my sister and me in ballet and tap that fall and the rest is history. I joined a company when I was 9 and danced until my junior year of high school. Dancing has a special place in my heart, especially ballet. I know ballerinas actually hate performing The Nutcracker, but it is one of my favorite Christmas traditions. It was such a joy to see Ballet West perform it. During some of the opening sequences my eyes started watering and I was like what the hell? I guess I just miss it a lot and after watching any dance performances I start considering abandoning my schooling to pursue a career on stage. After, Preston and I attended my ward holiday ball which was actually in the middle of nowhere. But it was a pretty event and we were in charge of the dance playlist.

This is the last week of classes, next week is finals and then I return to Lancaster with Alyanna and Preston. I have never been more excited for a Christmas break. Happy studying!

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