Monday, April 8, 2013

april showers bring may flowers

This Saturday during Priesthood session, my friends threw me the prettiest bridal shower in the land. Above are my angel friends.
Get ready to pin the hell out of this post. Kate was gracious enough to offer her lovely home for the shower. This was the entrance. How cute?! Honestly the prettiest shower I've ever attended. It was cuter than my wedding will ever be. 
This was the table of treats. An entire spread of everything I LOVE- cupcakes, donuts, cheesy snacks, gummies. I took a break from the hunger games for the evening. 
 Liiike have you seen anything more darling? (which, fun fact, is the word Preston would use to describe me. awwww!) My friends have the most exquisite taste in everything. Everyone kept going on about how cute/pretty/nice everything was. I think they should go into an event planning business because I want everything I ever attend or throw to be this cute. I can't seem to find another adjective to use except for pretty or cute. Sorry. Also the cupcakes pictured were divine.
 Prestynna shrine.
 These are mochi ice cream balls, my favorite food in the entire world.
Here is where I sat. How pretty are the ribbons?? And the pinwheel thing?? I wanted to steal it for the wedding. I had such a fun time seeing everyone and playing all the cute bride games. They did the game where they interviewed Preston. Awwww. So cute. So excited to wed him. It was funny to see him think about certain questions and test how well I knew him. We answered most of the questions pretty accurately, so I guess our love is real. 

I had the best time and have the best friends. Thanks to everyone that made it out, helped plan and for all my lovely presents. (Remember when I blogged about this swimsuit? Alyanna and my mom got it for me! I love it and can't wait for summer.) It was perfect! 74 days y'all. LoL

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