Friday, July 19, 2013


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So I have 3000 blog posts I'd like to write, but I'm going to do one at a time starting with the oldest events.

Right after we got married, Preston and I went to Bermuda for 8 days. We stayed at this sweet old lady's guest house and rented a scooter for the week. The scooter was one of my favorite parts because I felt like Audrey in Roman Holiday. Bermuda was beautiful. Another favorite part was the white roofs and pastel colored buildings. Even convenient stores were cute. We couldn't get enough of the architecture and pulled over so many times to snap pics. I've never really been to a tropical island, so I was in awe of how pretty and clear the water was. The sand is actually pink, and we brought some back with us to display in our little apartment. We got so. Dark. Sorry Mom. OH. One of the days we found this thrift store that had the most amazing used book section. $0.50 paperbacks and $1 hardcovers and most of them were new titles and in great condition. It's because all of the tourists bring their new books and leave them behind. Preston and I left with 8 new books or something. 

Bermuda is a really religious country and there were churches everywhere and they were all beautiful. The people were so friendly and it was such a lovely experience. I recommend Bermuda to anyone looking for a peaceful, relaxing and tropical vacation. 

I'm currently sitting on the 25th floor of our apartment building because it's the only place with wi-fi. We have yet to get it in our apartment. Dallas is hot as hell, but I like our apartment and exploring. Keep checking back cuz I have a lot of adventures to blog about!

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