Sunday, July 28, 2013

little explorers

ship wheel bookends, penguin classics, shark jaws & a wedding invite // our baby esperanza // books & a bone

We assembled bookshelves a few weeks ago to house some of our favorite belongings. New shelves and books have inspired a hunt for quirky, inexpensive bookends. Preston found these (overpriced) ones and sent them to me the other day:

We went to go look at the bicycle and the alligator, and though they are very cool in person, we held off on buying either. To our delight, we came across the ship's wheel bookends at Salvation Army on Friday night. $5 for those beauties! And they actually spin! We found some other great things that night including a nutcracker doll for Christmas, more books and glass cloches. I love our new nautical bookends. Also pictured are shark jaws found on eBay and our own wedding invite in a DI frame (Here are some other frames we made and what we put in them.) Our pet cactus, Esperanza, was purchased in Provo and made the journey to Dallas with us in the middle console of the car. Preston found the bone on a camping trip. 

deer bookends // goldie & me

The bookend gods were smiling upon us this weekend cuz we came across these deer bookends at Ross for $16. I like the way they cradle the books horizontally instead of the usual vertical sandwich. Finally, we found this gold skull at Z Gallerie and for $15, we couldn't pass him up.

Our bookshelves are my favorite part about our little home because they encompass Preston's and my life before and with each other. Every shelf holds a book or trinket that we have enjoyed, holds a memory or simply like to look at. There's no real theme of our apartment, except maybe what Preston has started to refer to as "little explorers," which I guess we are.

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