Wednesday, July 24, 2013

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lula b's vintage store // groovy mannequin // korean mannequin // anatomy posters // curiosities antiques

Since we've been in Dallas, the main and (we are nervous) only things to do are eat and shop. Don't get me wrong, those are my top 2 favorite activities, but these activities get expensive and fattening, 2 things we want to avoid. However, we are not opposed to bargain hunting and thrifting. For a while, I only really liked to look for used books. While this is still our favorite and most popular thing to buy, ever since we moved into our new apartment, we desperately want to decorate it with things we love. Dallas has an incredible selection of vintage and thrift stores ranging from beautiful and price-y antiques, kooky vintage and your basic Goodwill and Salvation Army stores. Last weekend we hit up a bunch of these stores before what's become our weekly Ikea date.
dream bike // carry-on luggage option 1 // carry-on luggage option 2

Lula B's was very cool because it's composed of different vendors, so the store is broken up into little squares of completely different things. Here is where I discovered the bike of my dreams and 40 suitcases I wanted to replace my current one with. The ones pictured were the finalists, but neither will fit in the overhead compartment. The anatomy posters and mini-drawers were from Curiosities Antiques, the coolest and craziest of the places. Honestly, you could spend a day in a single part of that store. The thing about vintage stores is everything is on sale and nothing is just for display, so if you see something, even if it's a rug, you can have it for the right price. Curiosities had some kooky and scary things and I was nervous to turn the corners sometimes. Lots and lots of taxidermy, antique surgical tools and severed and re-attached babydoll parts were just some of the insanities in that store. We left with a pretty fan coral which I'll display in an upcoming post (featuring our new bookshelves!!!!)
the only thing i really wanted

If it wasn't so damn hot here, I would go back for that beauty. Books are still our most prominent purchase. I think we buy used books as often as we buy milk. There are a bunch of Half-Price Books stores scattered throughout Dallas that we have fallen in love with. They have all the recent titles and selections of Barnes and Noble for half the price. Most of the books are in almost perfect condition. Then they have clearance sections with books ranging from $1-3. These places are huge and open til 11 pm so they've become a popular post-work activity. That's another thing. Most of these stores close at 6 and Preston doesn't get done until 5:30 or 6, so we're always rushing or cramming all the places in on Saturday. 

Thrifting is chic and cheap and there's something for everyone. I used to hate going to used anything shops because they smelled weird and I felt like everything was dirty. I still feel this way about the smell and dirt, but my heart has softened since I've found some gorgeous shoes and well-loved books from thrift and vintage stores. (Check back for a compilation post of my favorite thrift store finds.) Even if you're a snob like former me, give thrifting a chance. You might find some gems. And remember, you can always wash clothes. 

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