Wednesday, September 18, 2013

j.crew ss14

Now for a show that's close to my heart (and budget). I've said it before, but J.Crew has evolved into this incredible brand that everyone from Reese Witherspoon to your girl crush in that one class can wear and look fabulous. Jenna Lyons and Mickey Drexler are geniuses and my not-so-secret dream job is to take Jenna's place on the J.Crew throne. One of the most fun parts about working at J.Crew is seeing the pieces from fall Fashion Week arrive at our stores and realistically seeing myself wearing and affording them. As much as I die for Alex Wang's overalls this spring, I doubt I'll ever wear, much less spend the $800 on them. I guess J.Crew is for the poors. Whatever, I'll own it til I die.
Show started with this fun piece. Evidenced by my wedding and home decor prior to marriage, pink and green and all shades of the two colors are my favorite. The sandals this spring were bawwwmb and reminded me of Balenciaga 4 years ago in a good way. I predict this Oui Mon Cheri shirt will sell out once it hits the stores. I think it's the one piece of this collection I hope to incorporate in my spring wardrobe.
The Aloha shirt is less cool but the pretty party skirt is exactly what I would expect J.Crew to pair with a t-shirt and I love it. I think J.Crew does the best with pairing evening and daytime wear in the same outfit and making it look chic. Next we have the toggle coat of my dreams. Why does every spring collection have to contain a coat of my dreams?? The saddest part about moving to Dallas is I will have little use for my collection of outerwear. Every Christmas while at school I always ended up asking for a new coat of some sort, but talking to locals, I hear it's only supposed to drop to the 40's around here which was BALMY in Provo. So. Bye stadium cloth. Also let's bring back the Bermuda short please? Modest is hotttest? (Mormons love J.Crew because it is colorful and modest. That's why you have to be careful if you decide to wear a J.Crew dress to a wedding or party in Utah because there's a 90% chance 2 other girls will have it cuz that thing has sleeves. No hatin' on my J.Crew Mormies. I am one of you.)
Can't forget the men! We are getting a men's shop next month in Dallas and transforming our current store into all women's and BRIDAL. But back to da boyz. I just really liked the floral print of this hat and shorts. The printed men's shirt has been done a lot but I think it looks very sharp with this suit. Baby Preston, do you see this? Jk, he's always looking fly. Actually I remember after our first couple dates I wrote Blythe a letter while she was on her mission and described him as looking like he was in a J.Crew catalog. Aw!
Thanks for reading any of these. I really love clothes and I really love talking about them and you're the sweetest for caring a little bit.

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