Saturday, September 7, 2013

saturday is a special day

homemade brunch // nasher sculpture center // panda chair // flower chair

Saturday has always been my favorite day of the week, but Sunday has become a fierce competitor. Ever since I've started working, the weekends are reserved for play dates and exploring, but I usually have to work on Saturdays now at J.Crew. Today we still managed to have a fun morning and afternoon before I sold clothes from 5-10. 

Brunch is my absolute favorite meal and I always order eggs benedict if it's on the menu. Today we tried to make it and it was successful. Poached eggs have always been a culinary fear of mine, but I conquered them with the help of Preston making everything else. Here's the recipe for our mostly homemade eggs benedict:

-deli ham
-english muffins
-instant hollandaise sauce (oops)

1. Poach da eggies. This is tricky. First bring about 2 in of water to a boil in a pot. Crack eggs in separate bowls. Once the water is boiling, pour a little bit of vinegar (maybe a half a tablespoon?) and bring the water to a simmer. Carefully pour eggs into water and cover and cook on gentle heat for 4 mins. Using a slotted spoon remove from water and place on paper towels.

2. Cook ham. Not hard. Just put em on a pan. 2 slices per muffin is good. We just got the cheapest deli ham meat and it worked perfectly.

3. Slice avocados or whatever other vegetable you want. I've only ever had eggs benedict with avocado or asparagus. 

4. Make the hollandaise sauce. You can get instant packets in the same aisle as gravy. This is a major cheat, but it worked well and tasted good.

5. Toast the english muffins.

6. Assemble muffins. Muffin, then ham, then avocado, then egg, then hollandaise.

After brunch we walked to the Nasher Sculpture Center. It was a little disappointing, but admission was free so we went to check it out. One cool thing was a yoga class they had in the outdoor area of the sculpture center. Last Saturday we started going through the Dallas Museum of Art and after the sculpture center, we finished at DMA. 

The Neiman Marcus flagship store is right in downtown Dallas, a 4 minute walk from our apartment. It's always closed by the the time Preston is done with work so today we decided to venture inside. I experienced shortness of breath walking into the women's eveningwear and bridal boutiques because I've never been so close to so much Oscar, Chanel and Lanvin at the same time. After pretending to be glam at Neiman's, we went home, made burgers and swam and then I went to work. Now we are home celebrating BYU's win against TEXAS. Hehehe.

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