Thursday, March 26, 2015

~*SpRiNg BrEaK 2o15*~

On March 14 we left sunny Dallas for sunny Miami to set sail for the Caribbean. Our ship left on Sunday afternoon, so after arriving late to Miami Saturday evening, we went to Fort Lauderdale to board the MS Eurodam. We went with Preston's family who are all seasoned cruisers, while it was my first time. The whole week was a dream- I ate, slept, swam, tanned and ate some more. It was a very rough return back to Dallas on the 22nd, but we had an amazing time touring the Caribbean.
Our first stop was in Grand Turk. This spot had the best snorkeling, which was also a first time activity for me. I didn't last very long because I'm a poor swimmer, but I got to use my snorkeling gear and swim with the fishies, so I considered the outing a success.

While aboard the ship we tried to exercise in order to balance out the 4000 calories a day we were consuming in delicious food that we didn't to lift a finger to prepare or clean up. I honestly felt bad sometimes because I felt so lazy, but I kind of got over it. The multiple thousands of calories a day is not a joke. On Monday I had to work and didn't take my lunch break until late in the afternoon, and felt dizzy and lightheaded the whole time due to the fact that my body not used to consuming so little between lunch and breakfast after a week of omelets, ice cream, burgers, fries, steak etc. It was kind of funny, but mostly sad.
Our second stop was in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Old San Juan is beautiful! I kept telling Preston that Madewell needed to do a style guide in San Juan because the pastel colored buildings and cobblestone streets were too dreamy. We took so many pics in San Juan and it seemed like every corner was my new dream home/apartment. We also toured a mission and castle, and I'm so uncultured, I forget the names of both. Anyway, I'd love to return to Puerto Rico and see more that it has to offer, but San Juan was a great introduction!

Our third stop was probably my favorite. It was St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands and we spent the day at Magen's Bay. This place was beautiful!! We rented a kayak and played Pocahontas amidst the turquoise water and it was a real dream. 

The cruise line we traveled with was Holland America and most of the patrons were 50+ which I actually loved because old people are cute and hilarious and don't give an eff what you think about them. Sometimes that carefree attitude backfired, particularly in the swimwear department... We did manage to go dancing two nights, despite my complaining. I have to admit I'm never in the mood to go out and dance, but once I'm on the floor, I'm happy. Preston gets really annoyed with me about it actually hehe. March Madness also started while we were on the water, so a few nights were spent retiring early to watch games. Thankfully we had ESPN Caribbean to keep us in the loop.
Our final stop was at Half Moon Cay, Bahamas. This island is owned by Holland America and it was lovely. It had the cutest colorful cabanas scattered on the beach which I loved. Also we saw stingrays and this was the second best snorkeling spot. I was able to keep up better here. We tried to make the most of our last beach excursion and stayed til the very last minute before boarding the little boats back to the ship.
After the Bahamas we went back to Fort Lauderdale and said goodbye to the cruise life. It was very sad. Especially that last custom omelet. Our flight back to Dallas wasn't until 8 PM so we spent the day in Miami. We mostly stayed in Miami Beach and admired the art deco neighborhoods and the craziness that is Miami. We returned late Sunday evening much browner and probably a little heavier than we left, but No ReGreTs. It was an amazing trip and we had a great time with family.

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