Tuesday, March 3, 2015

viva la mamma: dolce & gabbana fw 2015

My favorite show of Milan fashion week goes to Dolce & Gabbana for their tribute to motherhood. This collection was so beautiful and included 11 mothers onstage with their children, including a very pregnant Bianca Balti. It was hard to choose my favorites because there were 91 looks to choose from, all of them entirely unique and special.

First pick was the second look of the show. The roses pay homage to Stefano's childhood memory of his mother's rose scented lipstick. The childhood memory is also responsible for Dolce & Gabbana's uniquely scented lipsticks. I thought the first look was darling and a ladylike take on a graphic dress. Second look was sooo Oscar to me, I had to include it. I can see this on a politician's wife at a charity gala or something. Third look was just another gorgeous display of those roses and I can't say no to a pink mini shift dress.
Next look I chose because mommy daughter dresses!! To this day my mom still picks out matching Easter dresses for my sister, herself and me and it's a tradition I plan to continue with my children some day. I love it!! This fifth look is such a classic mom look to me because it's elegant, modest and eternally chic. This sixth look has such gorgeous details and it was one of an identical pink flowered dress. I thought the red was more dramatic.
Hi Gigi, you're incredible. And so is this body hugging black dress. It has the just the slightest touch of trashy, with the sheer black and rose design, but mostly classy. This final look is actual drawings from Domenico's nieces and nephews. Can you imagine having your childhood doodles on a couture dress? I'm not sure who's going to wear the scribbly drawing pieces, but they are creative and beautifully made. I had to include the last picture because it was such an incredible and moving finale, with all the mothers, children and models. Infinite cheers and applause to Stefano and Domenico's mommy inspired collection. Viva la mamma!

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