Thursday, July 8, 2010

for someone half as smart you'd be a work of art

For the 4th of July I went to the beach with my family. It was super hot and annoyingly crowded, but I loved it. Laying out in the sun and swimming in the ocean all day never gets old. And I know a lot of people are real picky about their beaches, but I don't think I really am. I mean there are definitely some trashy places out there, but gimme some sand, sun and water and I'm ok. I have to have a beach house some day. One thing I realized though, is that fireworks are really boring. I mean, after 5 minutes I'm kind of ready for them to be over. Maybe it was because I was tired and with my family all day, but this year I almost fell asleep during fireworks.
I promised I would post if I spent money and unfortunately, I did. On Monday I went to the Mt. Gretna Lake with Maren. I spent $12 on admission and $5 on a Subway footlong for lunch. I still don't feel like that is too bad though, and I've been leaving my cards at home whenever I go places and trying to only use cash if I do spend money. So far I have been going on 10 days of not spending money, kind of. I think when I decided to not spend money, I meant frivolous items, like pretty clothes, accessories and food. I guess a day at the lake is kind of frivolous, but less frivolous than a cardigan. Whatever. I'm so saying I've gone 10 days without spending $$.

Job outlook is still sucking, and I've pretty much accepted that no business wants to hire an employee that's going to leave in 2 months. Speaking of which... 2 months?? Where did summer go?! As mediocre and boring as my life is in Lancaster, not one part of me wants to go back to school. I'm just not ready.

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