Saturday, July 10, 2010

she gets naughty with her pilates body

Style crush: Olivia Palermo.
I was so bored after working yesterday that I watched all of season 2 of The City. I'm embarrassed.

She's a biatch in the show, but this girl is the real Blair Waldorf. 1) She's stunning- littlest body, legs for days, most beautiful features and can rock the center part. Dang. 2) Hot hot boyfriend- male model Johannes Huebl. Get it girl. 3) Most perfect wardrobe- Everything she wears, whether it's a little DVF party frock, to shorts and tights, Oscar gown or men's trousers with those goofy shoes, she works. And I am obsessed with her style. It's the perfect mix of majority preppy girly with a touch of bohemian and the tiniest sprinkle of rock 'n roll. But mostly preppy girly. Which I love and die for.

Things I have learned from The City:
1) If you were on an MTV reality show you have a better chance of showing at Bryant Park than actual students who studied at Parsons or FIT and can actually put a collection together.
2) Center parts are all the rage, but it helps if you have a flawless face like Olivia.
3) Olivia knows everyone and has a personal relationship with everyone. That may or may not grant her an interview for
4) Whitney Port has a very annoying voice.
5) And Olivia has a nice voice. And she is very classy even when she's being a biatch.

I think my dream job would be a fashion editor for Teen Vogue or Vogue. Seriously though. I have always wanted to go into broadcast journalism, but with the economy so bad and jobs being so hard to find, I just don't think I could do anything with it. But I think I would really, really love it. I like how fast-paced the fashion industry is and the bustle of big cities and I really do just adore clothes. Like, more than the average person. For example, I look at a $10,000 couture gown or $14,000 bag and think, well that seems pretty reasonable, I mean, it is Galliano/Hermes.

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