Sunday, July 18, 2010

click click saddle up see you on the moon then

This past Wednesday, Maren and I took a roadtrip to visit our dear friend, Lindsay Crowder in Virginia. We met Lindsay at the very first EFY we ever attended in 2007. Along with Lindsay we met her best friend Jenna as well as Blythe and Kaile. We all learned that we lived within a couple hours of each other and have remained friends ever since. I am such an advocate of EFY because you really do make lifelong friends :)

So enough advertising for CES programs. Lindsay lives in cute Ashburn, VA. The first day we spent going to the reservoir (hip local hangout for Ashburn teens) and then shopping at Nordstrom Rack and H&M. Fun. I didn't spend any money that day. On Friday we decided to visit Georgetown and experience the legendary Georgetown Cupcake. Overall, the cupcakes were pretty good, but I feel like Gtown Cupcake is kind of like In-N-Out Burger. People talk it up so much and then you finally experience it and it's like, oh, ok. I mean, don't get me wrong- In-N-Out is fabulous and so is Gtown Cup, but how amazing can a cupcake/cheeseburger be? We came at a good time because the line was only 10 mins. long and we got a free cupcake since GC was going to be featured on TLC that night on DC Cupcakes (most ridiculous segment ever).
Georgetown has got to be one of my latest obsessions. It's the cutest little town ever and I have always loved DC. We planned on going to DC after Gtown, but were so mesmerized by the cute little shops and cupcakes, we were too tired. I would love to live in Georgetown, except I would probably have no money to eat, but I would look fabulous doing it! All the best stores were in Georgetown including the flawless Anthropologie and J. Crew. I'd like to know whose brilliant idea it was to place those two retailers right next to each other in EVERY city I go to. Seriously. Philly, SLC and now Georgetown. Ugh it was so painful. We also went to this crazy vintage store called Annie Creamcheese and apparently famous people did too, like Paris Hilton and Victoria Beckham. Nbd. Annie Creamcheese was awesome because they had an entire designer vintage section and I've never really seen designer vintage in person. Vintage Chanel velvet jacket and sequined geometric Escada dress were some notable pieces. The city was gorgeous and despite the sweltering heat, I had such a fun time with Lindsay and Maren.

And, as promised, I will post all of the money I spent. I suck at this savings thing. All in all, I spent $50. I don't remember exact amounts but I'll attempt to break it down:
-$13 gas money
-$9 metro card
-$8 chipotle
-$5 cupcakes + milk
-$13 J. Crew (Ok, J. Crew COLLECTION sparkly tank. Originally $74, marked down to $25 and 50% with my employee discount. So worth it, plus I got to experience using my discount at retail. I have no regrets)
-$2 bus

That sounds about right. I'm proud of myself though because I left my cards at home AND I didn't buy the $5 scarves, blouses and $20 cardigans I could have at J. Crew. I show no remorse from my Gtown excursion.

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  1. Jealous! I miss you guys! Looks like you had a blast!