Sunday, October 17, 2010

baby we don't speak of that, like a real aristocrat

This weekend started off great. Friday night I got to see half of the girls that lived in 2200 Taylor Hall at Steph's birthday party in Park City. It was so happy to see girls from freshman year, and Park City is such a cute place. Steph's house was gorgeous as well. Happy birthday Steph!

I need to work on my time management skills because once again, I saved learning the origins and insertions of muscles until the very end, resulting in 30 minutes of sleep Friday night. It was exhausting. I took my anatomy midterm Saturday morning. Another nightmare. Maybe it was all of the caffeine I consumed while studying, but I never felt more nervous to take a test. My hands were literally shaking. Afterwards I felt so overwhelmed, I wanted to cry. An interesting feeling. I went home and tried to sleep until Tuesday, but could only manage an hour before waking up again. This past week, I've felt myself getting sick, but I think my Friday night cram session was the catalyst to the cold I am currently harboring. I've already taken Nyquil and plan on sleeping all day tomorrow. Regardless of whether or not I recover, I have 2 more midterms this week. School is hard.
Oh my gosh, I adore Olivia Palermo. She's so beautiful and look at that coat. Seriously, look at it. This past weekend, I've been so obsessed with coats. All I do is go through all the Outerwear sections on my favorite clothing websites. Since Utah gets so cold and I do a lot of walking on an average day on campus, I want to invest in some pretty coats.

1) Leather moto jacket. I mean, we all know I've been on the hunt for a year and half now.
2) Olivia Palermo's coat. Just kidding, that beauty's probably $1000+ but I do want something ruffled and pretty like that.
3) Trench coat. Obviously Burberry would be ideal, but I want something that I can wear in the rain and on days when it's not too cold. I'm so sick of wearing my North Face fleece jackets all the time.

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