Saturday, October 23, 2010

riding bikes, making out, elephants running down

Jonsi of Sigur Ros came to SLC last night, and I was in attendance! This pic is after his encore. Check out that headdress. I wanna borrow it for Halloween. So Jonsi (pronounced yawn-see, who knew?) was phenomenal. We got caught in traffic on the way, but we still got really good spots. I have never been to a concert like his. It was magical and just felt so surreal. This entry won't be able to do it justice at all. Basically I felt like I was in a dream the whole time. His backdrop was pretty illustrations of animals and birds and butterflies and he did this little head movement all the time and was very bird-like. Half of it was in Icelandic which is such an interesting language to me. I know a lot of it is probably nonsense, but it's some of the prettiest nonsense I've ever heard. I usually do yoga do Sigur Ros, so it was so weirdly amazing to be experiencing it live. Ahh. I just can't put to words how lovely this concert was. I came out of it with a newfound fondness for nature and the strong desire to abandon my worldly possessions and live in the forest and make headbands out of flowers and call myself Tigerlily.
THE MAGICAL SETLIST. So my top 3 songs (Go Do, Boy Lilikoi and Animal Arithmetic) were played in a row. Best 15 minutes ever. The crowd was so fun too. Everyone was swaying and loving each other. His finale blew my mind. Afterwards I didn't want to listen to any other songs so I wouldn't ruin the memory of it. I mean, don't get me wrong, I really like Jonsi and Sigur Ros, but I had no idea I would enjoy the concert as much as I did. If he's ever in town, GO.
The concert was at a new venue in downtown Salt Lake called The Complex. Right across from Jonsi was Matt Costa. I've never really gotten into him, but I liked the 30 second iTunes clips I heard. Plus he's tall and skinny and reminded me so much of Bob Dylan that night (I mean any tall, skinny, male musician wearing Rays has this effect). So Joni was torn between Jonsi and Matt, but the problem was solved because she was able to switch back and forth between shows. Jonsi ended a little bit before Matt so we went over to check it out. Then we left before Matt's encore and guess who was outside chillin' before his encore? MATT COSTA. Joni, in her adoration and spunk politely asked for a picture and he obliged. Check it out. We met Matt Costa!

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