Sunday, October 3, 2010

now my heart stumbles on things i don't know

This has been a great weekend and it started on Friday after 3.5 hours of studying and an A- on my anatomy midterm! I am seriously still so giddy about it. I know it's kind of lame and annoying to talk about grades but you have no idea how hard this class is and how much time I've been putting in. It never ends. But that was the start to my great weekend. And then I celebrated two birthdays- Kaile and my roommate Joni. I made lumpia (Filipino eggrolls) for Joni's birthday and they actually turned out perfect. I was so amazed. My roommates are so much fun. However, I will be fat soon because of all the good food that is constantly being made in our apartment.

Saturday and today were spent listening to the words of our amazing prophet and leaders. I love General Conference so much, and this was such a wonderful Conference as always. I feel like one of the main messages this Conference was the importance of gratitude in our lives. Right off the bat Elder Holland's talk simply thanked all of the people in his life. President Monson's address was focused on this too, and I feel like it was touched upon a little bit each session. I am so thankful for everything I have in my life, and I'm embarrassed at how much I take for granted. Here are some of my favorite quotes from this weekend:

"We become what we want to be by consistently being what we want to become" -Richard G. Scott

"Most human beings have the infinite capacity to take things for granted" -Thomas S. Monson

"To live with gratitude in our hearts is to touch heaven" -Thomas S. Monson

I am thankful for the infinite wisdom of our prophet, apostles and general authorities and am still in awe at the brilliance and kindness of the leaders of our church.

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