Thursday, October 7, 2010

lanvin ss11

I finished my homework early, so I decided to treat myself to some frivolous browsing of Paris Fashion Week, and honestly, I was pretty disappointed and then by chance, I looked through the Lanvin show. This has got to be my favorite SS11 collection so far. Yes, even better than Burberry. Did I just say that?

Let's talk about how everything Alber Elbaz sent down was perfect and how I would wear it all. This collection was strong and unbelievably sexy. I used the "move it" feature that lets you see a little clip of each look going down the runway. The gowns were absolutely gorgeous. Starting from the very first look, I was so impressed. So flowy and feminine, but so strong. I'm going to use that word a lot for this review. The next off the shoulder honestly looked like two different looks pasted together for a magazine ad. And how beautiful is Lily Donaldson? The steel blue/grey off the shoulder is so minimal, but so incredibly sexy to me. I love love the bright yellow top in the next look. I have always been a fan of the bandage dresses and skirts, and I thought this was done beautifully with the mustard and longer length of the skirt, instead of the tiny miniskirts you always see bandage used for. Um red off the shoulder gown? Perfect. I am not as into the hemline of the copper off the shoulder, but I love the neckline. The black deep-V is one of my favorite looks. It's so clean and I mean, those are practically ruffles. The final look is so fun to me. I just feel like it would make clinky sounds as you walked and would be perfect to wear out dancing or to a party.

I loved this collection and have so much respect for Mr. Elbaz. It's incredible how male designers can know a woman's body so well and design so perfectly for one. Ugh. Still can't get over this collection.

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