Thursday, September 15, 2011

marc jacobs + marc by marc jacobs ss12

I always have to view Marc Jacobs multiple times before I form any kind of opinion. This collection was no different. I must say, that viewing the live stream of a show is very different from simply clicking through the images. I find myself obsessed with certain pieces that I hardly noticed when I simply clicked on images and vice versa. Marc Jacobs collection has barely been on the Internet since it closed New York Fashion Week this evening. What better way to end NYFW than with the king of American fashion?

This collection was extremely sporty to me. I think it was the swim cap/headband things. I love the structure of this pantsuit and the alternating greys in the pockets and buttons. I am super girly when it comes to dressing myself and when I have to abide by Western business dress, I always opt for a pencil skirt, but there is something extremely sexy about this pantsuit. No. I don't think sexy is the right word. Strong? This is a completely unoriginal phrase, but it's a masculine shape with a feminine twist. (Gag). Ok and this dress? Didn't even care about it when I clicked through the looks, but it MOVES.
I have never wanted a sweatshirt any more than this seafoam one. Actually this might be my favorite look of the entire collection. Weird choice? Idk. I seriously want this sweatshirt so so bad. It's seafoam green and shiny. I can't explain my attraction to it. Gimme gimme. Next look is just as lust-worthy. I think if this look, with the collar in the seafoam green would be perrrfect. I am surprised at how much I love both of these looks; neither one I would ever choose if I saw them in a store. Maybe the sweatshirt, but then I'd put it back and be like, it's just a sweatshirt, I'd rather have a dress.
I liked this when I clicked through the images, but I loved it when I saw it move. I love love love that red and I would be content with having a pocketed button down in every color imaginable. I think the button down is so versatile and the perfect amount of androgyny. Ok so this last coat? Perfect. My favorite piece of the whole collection. Even more than the sweatshirt. It's just so pretty. And so me. I love pretty, sparkle, shine, glitter, feminine and 3/4 sleeve coats, regardless of how impractical they are.

I didn't include any of these looks, but there a whole bunch of scale-y dresses and skirts, which reminded me a lot of Prada fall 2011. Also, the socks and pointy toe stilettos reminded me of Prada fall 2010. I know the socks + heels has been done a countless number times in every city, but Prada FW10 will always come to mind.
Marc by Marc Jacobs was fun. It was bright, preppy, wearable and American. This first dress reminds me of origami. I'm very into the jacket in the second look, but I think half of my attraction to this outfit is the fact that Karlie Kloss is working it. Girl can WALK. Bow down.
I like this less now that I see it here haha. But I still think it's playful and my spring/summer wardrobe is not complete without some form of obnoxious ruffle detail. I LOVE THIS SWIMSUIT. I love it. Seriously. I'm going to buy it. But really. First I'm going to lose 15 lbs and grow 5 in. Loljk. Not about the 15 lbs though. Because no one looks that good in a one-piece unless you're 5'9+ and 100 lbs. But back to my swimsuit lusting. Seriously though. I love this retro feel and the little pocket flap things are too cute to pass up. MbMJ orange one-piece, you will be mine come summer 2k12.

Simple. Cool. Marc. Love. Ruffle. How many one word phrases can I use before it gets annoying? Too late. I like this skirt a lot.

Marc rules. I worship him. Everything he does is nothing short of perfect, Marc my words :)

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