Wednesday, September 14, 2011

oscar de la renta + alexandre herchcovitch ss12

I am weirdly caught up on my school work, so I don't even feel that bad about going drooling over Fashion Week. Except even though I don't have work to do, I feel like I should be studying or something. Whatever. I'm not.

Ummm OSCAR DE LA RENTA. Let's talk about it. So like, Oscar is my favorite designer. I want him to do my wedding dress. I've said it before, but Oscar knows how to dress a woman and make her look perfect. This collection was superb. Su-perb. I think the very first look might be my favorite. That mustard color is insane. The black toile works without looking like a bumblee- no easy feat. I can't get over how much I love the croptop top + voluminous skirt. It's my favorite part about this collection. Love the red and ivory combo as well.

Such a cute little frock this is. Had to include it, because I love yellow. For a long time I wanted yellow in my wedding, but I've changed my mind. After the mustard and black croptop/skirt combo, this beige one is my second favorite. Oh, I haven't even talked about how much I love the hair in this show; it's so nonchalant and went so well with the t-shirt paired with a ball gown look.

Eeee chartreuse! So outrageous enough to work. I would wear this. I would wear this in an instant. I'm glad I'm tan all year round and can get away with wearing pretty much any color. #humblebrag. Mormon girl syndrome to like any dress with sleeves, but really, this is so pretty. I think of all the looks, the hair looks best with this one.

This was the second-to-last look and I thought it was perfectly placed in the show. (The finale gown was stunning, but I didn't include it). This dress reminds me of Rapunzel and every princess story I've ever heard. Sleeves are so medieval/renaissance. Love love love it.

And now we transition into Alexandre Herchcovitch. This collection legitimately made me smile and almost giggle. I'm not sure why. I think it was the round sunglasses (which are popping up everywhere!) and the perfect Stepford wife feel of this entire collection. The fabrics were really pretty, and reminded me of the Orient.
We all know how I feel about bows, so naturally I included this look. So ladylike. Another reason why I adored this collection. I think this next look is the one that almost made me giggle. I love matchy-matchy. I love twinsets and matching your headband with your belt with your watch strap. I think it's cute and put-together and delightfully preppy. This makes me think of the 50's and stay at home moms and movie stars. All at the same time. Oh and airplanes and stewardesses.

I think if Audrey Hepburn was still alive, she would wear this collection. Especially this pale yellow-green with the cap sleeves. Every time I see the boat neckline + the almost sleeve, I instantly think of Audrey. Love both of the bows and the fresh looks of both of these dresses.

This might almost be too many bows, but not quite. I would still wear it. I think it should be said that anything I decide to post in these runway reviews, I would wear. Seriously. Ok how cute is that hat? I hate hats and I'm not sure I would wear these, but they just look like they go with this blouse + skirt combo. I really, really love this look.

But not as much as this look. This is my favorite of the Alexandre Herchcovitch collection. The fabric is so different, and the tailoring of this dress is my absolute favorite kind of dress. It's classic, ladylike, modest and pretty. Everything I try for when I dress. Usually. Haha.

I love clothes. I love Fashion Week. I love talking about the clothes at Fashion Week. Stay tuned for more!

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  1. Love how dramatic the dresses at the top are! So gorgeous!