Tuesday, January 11, 2011

i think i'm losing where you end and i begin

It is so cold outside. Not just brrr, winter jacket and mittens cold. Frigid, Arctic tundra, your face hurts after a while cold. I'm so thankful for my sleeping bag coat I acquired last year as a birthday present. With the little sash, it's not as bulky and is almost cute.
For Christmas, Alyanna gave me a giftcard to Anthropologie. I was so excited to go into that store and actually buy something for a change! They were having their end-of-winter (even though it's just begun...) sale and I snagged this pretty skirt and a toile printed dress. I've been coveting this skirt since it first made its appearance online back in October and now it's finally mine. It has just the right amount of sparkle and tweed to make it functional for dressy events or class, depending on my mood. In addition, it has pockets, one of my favorite features of dresses/skirts and the pleats give it that cute tulip shape. The best part was the $59 pricetag! Compared to $118. I don't have a picture of the dress, but it was also $59, originally $258. I was very pleased with both purchases.

Someday I will take real pictures of my outfits, like a real fashion blogger. For now you'll have to settle for my amateur Photobooth/digital camera shots because I would feel weird asking someone to take pictures of me in my outfits. Unless of course you're into that kind of thing and have a lot of free time on your hands. In that case, lemme know :) HA

My music doesn't get as big of a part on this blog as clothes do, but I consider it one of my hobbies as well. Discovering new artists, finding their discographies and transferring them to my iTunes is a therapeutic process for me. I got so much new music while I was home that I feel like anyone who appreciates music should listen to. Above is my bomb playlist that I listen to walking to school and around campus. You'll have to click on them to see them, unless you have abnormally good eyesight.

I absolutely cannot get enough of "All of the Lights" by Kanye, The Knife's cover of Jose Gonzalez's "Heartbeats" and "Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)" by Arcade Fire. Ugh. Actually, Kanye's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and Arcade Fire's The Suburbs are two of the most excellent albums of 2010 and should be in anyone's music library.

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