Saturday, June 11, 2011

someway baby it's part of me apart from me

I haven't blogged in years. The above picture is the only pic I got of Iron & Wine. I saw them on the 3rd of June. It was great. I really love that band. We got there late, but nonetheless it was still fun. And I saw my anatomy teacher there, whom I worship. Shoutout to Rachel Tomco: you are the coolest. Guess what? The semester is almost over and I'm going home in 5 days!! But you know what? This semester wasn't even bad. I'm taking American Heritage, Mission Prep and LDS Marriage & Family. Such a breeze. Lol jk, Am Htg. SUCKS. True life I studied for 30 hours for the first test and did terrible. Whatever. I don't care. I should be studying now, but instead I'm blogging and packing. I'm excited to go home, but I haven't been counting down the days like normal. Weird huh? It's ok. I'm starting to see why people decide to stay in Provo. Wait what. Did I really just say that?
Ok everyone needs to get this album ASAP. Bon Iver's self-titled. It's so good. I'm seeing them in August. AH. But seriously. Brilliance.

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