Wednesday, January 4, 2012

it's silent down here, hey i want to get loud again

Preston and I were sharing baby pics yesterday. Look at this gem. This is me. Circa...1991, I think. How glam am I? I also wonder what I was so distressed about.

First post of 2k12 so obviously I have to put up my New Year's Resolutions for the blogosphere to see so that I feel more accountable and it makes me it more official when they're posted somewhere.

1) No soda. This one sucks. Like it's great that I'm going to give up soda, but it's going to be the hardest for me to stick with. It's not even like I drink soda that often, but the other day I got fast food and I almost broke this one right then and there just because it's instinct to get a soda when I eat fast food of any kind. Or pizza. Or when I don't want candy but want something sweet. I never really drank soda until I came out to school. So no more leisurely drinking of soda. I am only allowing it for academic purposes because energy drinks are the worst.

2) Save money. This is one I start with every year and I'm going to admit, I have never really stuck with it. I guess there's not one defining moment of when you're like, "yeah, I totally saved money this year" but I seriously need to be more responsible with my money.

3) Exercise regularly. Another one that I always start with. The thing is, it's not like I completely stop exercising in February. I just have spurts of fitness. So I think this year, this goal is more like, less spurts, more durations of physical activity. It gets really hard when the semester starts up again and classes get busy, but I really just want a hot bod this summer. There I said it. #skinnyin2k12

4) Eat healthier/be more domestic. This one is hard. More than any other year, I have eaten pretty terribly or not at all. That sounds bad. Like I'll just not feed myself all day because I'll be in class and work and not have a break and then I'll get McDonald's at the end of the day. Or make Ramen. It's bad. And I need to try to cook. Which is hard too. Because I get so bored during the cooking process or I end up eating ingredients as I cook and then I'm full and have no desire to finish making my meal. #domesticin2k12

5) Read the Bible. I've never read the Bible the whole way through. And I was nervous about posting this one because I thought, is a year way too long to read the Bible? But I think it's reasonable. The Bible is so long! And some parts are really boring. Sorry. And I don't read a lot every day. Usually a chapter or two. So I'm going to try and finish the Bible by December 31, 2012.

Five is a good number. I'm done. Wish me luck.

Oh today was the first day of winter semester. It went well.

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