Friday, June 29, 2012

quote a million words they're all made with lead

Last week was glorious! Preston and I left for California on Tuesday afternoon to celebrate the wedding of the lovely Maddy to Colton. Their wedding was on Saturday, so we spent Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and some of Saturday playing in southern California. What a beautiful area. Honestly. Like I've mentioned 2340578x, I love the east coast. DIE 4 EC. I have never considered living anywhere else, but sunshine and ocean make me the happiest girl. Maybe maybe maybe I could live on the west coast. Maybe?
Besides getting SO TAN, I got to eat great food and spend time with future missionary Carley :) One day we visited Balboa Island and finally got to try a frozen banana. I had such high hopes for them, but was ready to be disappointed because let's be honest, how good could a frozen banana really be? To my delight, they were great and Preston and I have already made our own version. Above is Preston and me playing in Laguna. So cute right?

On our last day, we went to Rique's beautiful house in Newport and ate breakfast with friends. Rique is such a fantastic cook and a wonderful homemaker in general, so it really was a treat. We went to church and drove back that afternoon. 

As you know, I am a Tumblr fiend. Curse whoever decided to make that site an endless scroll. Anyway. The majority of the Tumblrs I follow are fashion/street style. Sometimes Preston will wear an outfit, that I mentally say "I'd reblog that." Above is an example. Liiike? Luv dem tailored suits and skinny ties.
This Wednesday I went to Avicii at the Great Saltair. My only experience with EDM shows were the couple I went to at Coachella, but most of them were during the day and it felt like a beach party. I skipped Avicii for Florence (no regrets) and was even more pleased with my decision when I found out they were coming to Salt Lake. So EDM shows attract a weird azz crowd. Like I would have fit in if I was wearing lingerie and woolly mammoth boots. Can someone explain that trend to me? Their only redeeming quality is they make your legs look skinnier. But really? Aren't they SO HOT (temperature wise)?!? So we got to Avicii pretty early and were front row but the sound system was WACK and I thought I was going to die if I stayed up front the whole time. We moved towards the middle and then very back where it was easier to dance. I had fun, but was EXHAUSTED. I am now certain that I would not bode well at an EDM festival. Overall, it was a good time, an excellent work out and something I will do sparingly :]

Avicii photo cred to Preston

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