Saturday, June 16, 2012

ask me what's my best side i stand back and point at you

 Hi. I'm done with spring classes. This post is about music.

Ok so Chris Brown's new album drops July 3. I am obsessed with singles I've been hearing. Everyone get Don't Wake Me Up (Panic City Remix). Die 4 CB. Will go to Fortune tour regardless of location/price. CB is still top 5 concerts of my LIFE. I have nothing profound to say about this album except for I'm very much anticipating its release and all future leaks/singles to be released.
INDIE IS NOT DEAD. Don't get me wrong, I am all about the EDM scene. Whatever. I'm seeing Avicii on the 27 ok? I'm hip. I'm cool. But like. WAIT. My heart belongs to indie. Alyanna told me about this album a few months ago and I kept forgetting to check them out. I was in the middle of slitting my wrists whilst studying for finals when I decided to give their album a try via Spotify. I have not thoroughly enjoyed an entire album since M83's Hurry Up We're Dreaming, and we all know how I feel about said album. OMAM is this group of 6 from Iceland. WHEN HAS ICELAND EVER FAILED US?? (Sigur Ros? Bjork?) Never. They won Musiktilraunir, Iceland's nation-wide battle of the bands competition. For the longest time I couldn't place who the female vocalist reminded me of, but it's Australian singer Missy Higgins. Listen to Dirty Paws, Slow and Steady, Little Talks and Mountain Song. They remind me of a cheerier Mumford & Sons + Arcade Fire.
I've been hatin on J.Biebz for a while. What can I say- any JB that doesn't stand for Jonas Brothers is nothing in my book. But I remember seeing a video of him rap with Busta Rhymes and more assorted rapping vids then that Christmas album that was weirdly sexy and slowly, but surely I came to beliebe. This new album though is bomb azzz. I already love Beauty and a Beat and As Long As You Love Me. He sounds great! Like he went through puberty and stuff! He's coming to Salt Lake in January and I will most certainly be in attendance.

Also, Our Love- The Weeknd is delightfully sweet. It's my most-played song of the week and is up there with CB's Forever and Next 2 U as my favorite I-love-you-let's-get-married songs.
Today Preston and I went to Utah Valley Parade of Homes. When I was younger, my parents would trick us into going to these homes. We would be driving home from church and then they said they wanted to make a "quick stop" and we would end up touring 4 model homes. Kylie went and after seeing a picture, I remembered how much I loved/hated Parade of Homes. As a kid, my criteria for a good house was whether or not it provided treats and how cute the girls' bedrooms were. Today we toured 7 different homes ranging in size and style. I loved it. The interiors of all of them were fantastic, and my favorite had to be this beach house style one in Lindon. Everything was bright, open and airy. The way I'm describing these homes is super boring and doesn't do them justice, but they really were spectacular. I wish we had been able to tour more. Such a fun activity if you go with someone who's into houses/design stuff.

Finally, I still really want a shirt or dress with cut out shoulders but all of the ones I find are weirdly expensive. Why? THERE IS FABRIC MISSING. I just think they're trendy/trashy enough to be cute.

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  1. july 3, my bday, best day for the CB album to come out. and JB lovin is okay, just cause the real JBs will be back in town soon enough. and lolz at the cut shoulders