Friday, June 1, 2012

when i think of you my fingers are quicksand

 I'm sitting at gate A5 in the Salt Lake City International Airport as I type this. Breaking blog rules left and right.

2 weekends ago I went to San Clemente with Blythe, Emilee and Summer to attend a wedding. It was the quickest trip to California. We left Friday afternoon and came home Sunday night. On Saturday, in between the sealing and the reception, we went to Newport to play on the beach. I got to see Rique and fall in love with her perfect beach house. Newport is so lovely. I have always said I will live on the east coast, but I GUESS I could live in Newport Beach. The wedding was darling and just cute enough to make me want to be married and hate myself. WEDDING SEASON IS UPON US. I have literally lost count of everyone I know that is engaged or married. Look at this elopement video that is too perfect for words:

Eee! Sigur Ros! Her little lace dress! His shimmy in the alley! Kill me.

Last night was the last night that Kylie and I were roommates, so naturally we went to In-N-Out to celebrate a year of roommatehood. I will miss this sassy girl. Kylie got a job at an ad agency in Salt Lake and will be moving to her new home this weekend. I had so many fun times living with her, including but not limited to CHRIS BROWN, Thanksgiving, slitting our wrists to Taking Back Sunday,  Coachella and most recently, crying about engagement vids/pics/blogs. Kylie is hilarious, witty and smart, shares my love for Marc Jacobs and was my girl crush for the majority of last winter semester when she was my MUN TA. What a treat it was to share an apt. with her. Long live Chateau de Bel #203.
Wait, can this be me? I mean, it might as well be, right? I love everything going on in this picture. As much as I rave about how much I love summer and summer clothes, my style has significantly declined as it's gotten warmer. I just get so lazy, especially when I have to go to school, that I end up wearing a t-shirt and jeans every other day. I want to wear a dress or skirt because it's so hot, but riding a bike to school makes it difficult. What's the verdict on that anyway? I see girls wearing skirts all over Tumblr, but Tumblr is an imaginary land where you can wear bubble wrap and it's considered chic. Idk, what do you think? Skirts and bikes, yay or nay? Slutty or normal?

K, I'm gonna watch Grey's Anatomy or something. I shall be in sweet Philadelphia at 8:45 this evening eastern time. Weeee!

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