Monday, July 30, 2012

they say no mind i wanna stop the time

 On Thursday I saw Band of Horses with Emilee at the Twilight Concert Series. I've said it before, but indie music will always have my heart. Gimme obscure band names, beards, dirty, marijuana infested fans, folk-y tunes and swaying any day. I hate it but I love it.
 On Friday Blythe threw an Olympics party. Not pictured are the creative treats prepared by Blythe, Grace, Emilee and me. Mostly Blythe and Grace. I think if you search "olympic party" on pinterest, you will have a general idea of what was featured. My heart was very full watching the opening ceremonies and seeing the countries with one or two athletes. I felt so proud of them. And even though winning a medal is the ultimate honor and goal, I hope all of those athletes go home knowing that they competed with the best in the world and are among the best in the world.

I am so excited to watch women's gymnastics. It's the closest event to dance for me and the little dance flame in my body is always sparked when I watch those girls, especially during the floor routines. Seriously in awe of all of them and the training that they go through to make it there. It's also fun to watch, discover and learn about all of the sports I had no idea were in the Olympics. Go USA!
Preston and I are obsessed with the smell of coffee and have been trying to figure out how to capture the scent and bring it to every room in our apartments and car. Then we stumbleupon-ed "coffee bean base candles" and this weekend we made our coffee smell dreams a reality. All you need is a small non-flammable container of some sort, coffee beans and a votive candle. Fill the container almost full of beans, place the candle in the center and light. For your car, fill pantyhose with beans and tie a knot at the top. Seriously.

Also on Saturday night I hiked the Y for the second time that week! Can you believe that? It was also probably the fastest I've ever hiked it. As if that isn't shocking enough, I watched a proposal happen on the Y. Crazytown. I'm really judgmental about proposals, so I'm not going into detail about how this one went about, but I will say the only proof I want from that moment are my ring and my personal memories of the event(s).

It's almost August! I can't even think about it. I'm going to be a SENIOR. My word. I want to press pause and fast forward.

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