Monday, November 19, 2012


What is school? I am sitting at work refreshing social media tabs and debating whether or not I will attend my 3:30 class. It is looking doubtful. Going home last week was the best and worst because after I came back I'm like CHRISTMAS. Yeah, not even Thanksgiving. So after I took a test on Thursday, I said byeschool. 

This weekend was funzies. Our friends Zach Kacher and Kelsey Jones-now-Kacher got married. They had the most beautiful reception at the Sundance Resort. These pictures are from that evening. I get a kick out of the pics of us looking confused. I'm wearing a dress from H&M and Calvin Klein shoes. I should do a guest WIWT with Preston cuz he's always looking flyyy. The reception was really lovely and Sundance is so beautiful. I always forget that I live in ski wonderland. Not that I ski or anything. But I'm sure when the time comes to leave Utah, I will miss the mountains. Weddings make me giddy and I'm so happy for Zach and Kelsey. They are both such sweet, righteous people who love each other and the Lord and there's nothing better than when two such individuals come together for time and all eternity :) :)
This evening I'm leaving for Denver to spend Thanksgiving with the Baker family. I'm so looking forward to a week of calories, books and naps. Here is what I am thankful for in no order:

-Mommy, Daddy, Alyanna and Nic Padilla. Duh duh duh. They're everything to me. Everyone says this but why wouldn't you? Families rule and are forever.

-The gospel in my life. A living prophet. The scriptures. The Church gives me direction and purpose in my life and is the source of infinite happiness and joy.

-My health. Not only can I walk, but I can run and exercise and help people. Having poor health really limits the things you can do for yourself and others. I'm thankful that I can run to the gym even though getting myself there is like studying for finals, walk to school, eat (usually) what I want, do yoga and dance when I like the music.

-Modern technology that allows me to keep in touch with everyone I love, especially my family in Pennsylvania. I get so sad and excited at this time of year because I start missing my family and house HARD. I just talked with my mom last night and it was probably the best part of my day. She's crazy like me and I miss her so much when I'm gone. Last night's conversation was particularly hilarious. Shoutout to my iPhone (LUV U BEB. U COMPLETE ME) and my Macbook Pro (MY SOUL IS UR SOUL).

-My roommates Blythe Beecroft and Brooke Zollinger. These girls are an example to me every single day and I notice a difference in my life because of their sweet presence. They are both the most kind and patient people I know.

-Preston Kutney. He's my best friend and makes my days brighter. To me, Preston is more perfect than not.

-My friends that I didn't mention specifically by name but make this whole college experience what it is. Social gatherings really exhaust me. I don't like going to parties and I really hate mingling. I don't have a lot of friends, but the ones I do have are my favorite people to be around. They're special to me and make me laugh and make me feel loved and listen to my problems and send me weird texts and go out to eat with me. 

-Brigham Young University and the wonderful education I'm receiving. BYU has my heart and always will. The glory of God is intelligence y'all.

-Naps. Nothing better than sleeping after eating and waking up warm and hazy. Sorry that I would rather nap than do anything usually.

-J.Crew for clothing me. Luv u boo.

-Books. Especially the ones that make you feel things and the ones that have so many marks and underlines because they spoke to you and put into words what you've always thought and felt. I finished reading the Bible last night which was one of my 2012 New Year's Resolutions. I'm really proud of myself for it. I will be honest, I could probably have read it more thoroughly, but I did get something out of it besides completion. I know that it's an essential part of my religion and testifies of the existence and life of Christ, who makes all of this make sense.

-Treats. Candy, cookies, ice cream, cake, pie, donuts etc. etc. Here's an absolute blatant hint: The person to buy me a box of assorted macarons for my birthday will receive a kiss and probably a foodgram with their name tagged. 

Thanks for reading my list. Thanks for reading my blog. Hope your holiday is perfect!


  1. Darling post Ynna. You are adorable :)

  2. LOL. Laughed and also said "aww" at some parts. Love you boo