Tuesday, May 14, 2013

anchors aweigh

nautical inspired // QT pie // grady the sailor // grady + boat // sick tat // utah lake
This weekend I fulfilled one of my longtime dreams of going sailing. My infatuation with the sport stems from the clothes. Sperrys are my favorite shoes and I love all things nautical inspired. I can't get enough of the striped shirts and little printed sailboats and anchors. I was excited to legitimately sport my anchor suit while sitting on a sailboat. Grady bought it this winter and grew up sailing, so this weekend he took us out to Utah Lake to test it out. Preston also has some sailing experience, so I basically stood around and watched them put everything together. There's a whole lot that goes into setting sail and a different language associated with it. There wasn't much wind, but it was so nice to just float on the water while the sun browned us. I'm looking forward to going a few more times these last few weeks before I go home.

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