Tuesday, May 7, 2013

chaos to couture

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Last night was the 2013 Metropolitan Museum of Art Gala welcoming the new exhibit Punk: Chaos to Couture. The Met Gala is one of my favorite events because I like to see how the guests try and incorporate the new exhibit into their outfits. This year there was lots of heavy eye makeup and spikes. Punk is one of those things I have very little to say about, except for I like some Ramones songs. It's a style I've never dabbled in or really embraced except for studded accessories, however, I can definitely see how an entire exhibit can be dedicated to displaying its influence in fashion. I chose some of of my favorite looks from last night and what I thought about them.
Sienna Miller: What does Sienna Miller do besides wear chic clothes and traipse around London with Jude Law? Is that still a thing? I don't know but she looked awesome in Burberry. The jacket and headband totally embraced the exhibit.
Sofia Coppola & Marc Jacobs: I just like that Sofia wore pajamas and Marc wore polka dots.
Ashley Greene: Ashley Greene is one of those women I would hook up with. Not really at all, but she is so incredibly sexy/beautiful to me, it's painful. I feel like she's really underrated too. I think her Marchesa gown is not the most flattering, but she looks so stunning in it, I couldn't ignore her. 
Blake Lively: Making women feel inadequate since her role as Bridget in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Blake Lively is the perfect all-American beauty and she looked ravishing in Gucci Premiere. 
Anja Rubik: I think she and Sienna are tied for punkiest looks of the night. What's more punk than a red leather minidress?
Kate Bosworth: I love me a long sleeved mini dress and that love doubles if it's Balmain. 
Miranda Kerr: OMG my biggest crush. Seriously.  Miranda is my favorite VS model and has the most killer body. Like you couldn't pick a more perfect figure to work that Michael Kors. And did you know she's married to Orlando Bloom and has a baby and still does VS and is the perfect combination of sexy and cute???
Emma Watson: Also making women feel inadequate since going through puberty via Harry Potter films, but making them feel inadequate while also making them want to be best friends with her. It's hard to hate on Emma because she really is as beautiful, talented and smart as she appears. I've heard. Yay Prabal Gurung. I think I blogged about this dress.
Hailee Steinfeld: There's nothing incredibly special about this Donna Karan except I think Hailee deserves praise for looking age appropriate, ladylike and glam.
Solange: Not crazy about the dress, but seriously how beautiful is Solange?

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