Sunday, May 19, 2013

home is wherever i'm with you

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A few months ago, Preston and I came to the realization that neither of us have any sort of home decorations. Lately we have been scouring Tumblr and eBay for ideas and items for our future walls. Last week we wandered into Restoration Hardware and (I) cried over how beautiful everything was. We left with a million more ideas for our little home. I hate crafts. If I can find a way to have someone else do it for me, or buy it, I will. Obviously I love the idea of a well decorated home and someday want one, but I think part of me sincerely believes it will happen on its own. Luckily, Preston is much more in tune with reality and has started accumulating and creating a great collection of things.
We are both obsessed with gold frames. It's gotten to the point where we go into a museum or watch a TV show and completely disregard a piece of art and comment on how gorgeous a frame is. We take frequent visits to DI and in addition to the book section, we hit up the picture frames. We've come back with a bunch, each under $4 or $5. My favorite find is the last picture and where we've decided to frame one of our wedding invitations. We envision an entire wall of different gold and white frames with prints and pictures special to us. I love the human body so I printed off some cool textbook diagrams and Preston "aged" them aka soaked them in coffee and baked them. We want to do the same with maps, architectural drawings and sheet music. I think framed dried flowers are so pretty and simple, so we're in the process of drying and flattening some to frame. Finally, we love antlers/taxidermy/dead animals. Preston found a great set of little antlers on KSL and recently purchased shark jaws on eBay. 

I gotta give most of the credit to my sweet fiance for our growing collection of decorations. I'm lucky to be marrying someone with such attention to detail and great deals. It makes me excited to think of decorating our own little place someday, wherever it may be.


  1. okay i have an apartment full of blank walls. please help.

  2. pic #3 + caption = priceless, one of my all time fav stories.