Friday, August 30, 2013

062113: reception

Following our sealing and luncheon I made everyone drive back to Lancaster to party. My mom chose this darling venue that I didn't see until 2 days before and I loved it. It's a bed and breakfast and it's on the prettiest piece of land. I wanted my venue to reflect Lancaster and my home, and it definitely did. Lots of cornfields on the drive and actual venue.
Here's my pretty wedding party. I loved the shots Alex took in the woods because it looks like a fairytale and so ethereal. Still not over how good my bridesmaids and Preston's groomsmen looked in their clothes. 
My mom was obsessed with having this couch and decorating this little patio area and I'm glad Alex incorporated it into some group shots. Here's our big happy Prestynna family.
Dolly strikes again. We didn't have a cake because neither of us really like cake or feeding each other cake, however the dessert table was one part of the reception I was very particular about. My only regret from my wedding day was not eating more of the desserts. But here they are immortalized in film. The drinks with table numbers was my mom's idea. So cute right?
Here's the dance floor and dessert tables. I love this picture.
Maren was my first friend when my family moved to Lancaster and has remained one of my best. I asked her to sing Ingrid Michaelson's version of "Can't Help Falling in Love" because if Preston and I didn't already have a song chosen, I would have picked that one for our first dance and Maren has the most incredible singing voice and I had always planned on her singing at my wedding anyway. She did a beautiful job. Thanks Mare-bear. Preston and I danced to Bright Eyes' "First Day of my Life." The lyrics are perfect and the song has always been special to us because when we were driving back from California it came on our playlist and I started crying listening to the lyrics because they encompassed my feelings perfectly. 
My dad and I danced to Taylor Swift's "Never Grow Up" and Preston and his mom danced to Iron & Wine's "Upward Over the Mountain." 2indie4u.
This was my favorite part. I was a diva about desserts, my dress and our music. I drove my DJ crazy calling him every few weeks because I absolutely did not want him to play anything that wasn't specifically chosen by us. We have attended too many receptions and dance parties where the playlist is mediocre and everyone is kind of pity-dancing. I wanted to love every song and genuinely want to dance. We created two playlists for the cocktail and dinner hour and a 30ish minute mix for dancing. It was perfect and I had the best time. The dancing pictures are some of the very best from all of the amazing shots Alex took. I was thrilled with the way they turned out.

Here's our mix
I love love love the sparkler pics of any wedding. They always look so magical and the bride and groom look so happy. These turned out perfectly as well as our sendoff. 

Thank you to Alex Steele for sharing her incredible talent behind the camera. I am enamored with my photos. Thanks to our wedding party for putting up with us, flying so far and looking so damn good all day. Thanks to my parents for giving me the most perfect wedding. Thanks to everyone who attended any part of our day or sent support. We appreciated it so much and loved celebrating with you. And thanks to Preston for being mine for eternity. Oh and thanks for reading!!