Tuesday, June 8, 2010

hot like mexico

Mother Monster is at it again. Alejandro just premiered on the east coast like an hour ago. In between my running and yoga, I decided to procrastinate working out by going on the Internet. As a faithful follower of Lady Gaga's Twitter, I saw the news and clicked on the link. I actually like this one better than Telephone, not gonna lie. True, it's more pornographic, but that's not why I like it. Come on, that's gross. But this one actually has a more relevant storyline. Kind of? So like, Gaga is this Queen right? And she's got a thing for Alejandro... one of the better looking naked soldiers. But she just can't be with him anymore, even though she loves him, hot like Mexico. So she tries to forget about him by having kinky dominatrix sex with the other soldiers. (Btw, cute haircut choice Gags. Like, the bowlcut? Seriously? I mean I guess she was going for a uniform look that matched hers but I was not feeling it.) But I actually like the dancing in this one better. I could do without the mock dominatrix scenes. Also got some Catholic vibes from this one? Whatever, she's a freak, but she knows how to keep people talking. I think we're going to be hearing a lot from her for a while. So I guess you can hate on her or embrace her freakiness. Personally? Her songs are good and she knows how to perform, and if I had the extra cash, I'd definitely see her in concert. Way to go Mama Monster.

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