Tuesday, June 29, 2010

play me like i am made of strings

Everything seems more official if you blog about it. So I'm going to officially announce my problem. And it's a serious one that I have addressed many times, but forget about in the instant it takes to buy an unnecessary headband. I have a shopping problem. Now I know what you're thinking. Every girl loves to shop. It's normal. But I recently went through my pay stubs from this summer and it's depressing how much money I've made and how much I actually have. Where did it all go?? I have honestly been trying to find a second job, but it's been a slow process. And getting a job at J. Crew is the stupidest thing I could have done, because I rationalize all of my purchases. A $12 cardigan doesn't seem so bad, but when it becomes a weekly occurrence- well that adds up.

I remember reading a paragraph in Confessions of a Shopaholic where the main character describes how walking into a store makes her feel safe and happy. How she loves touching all of the clothes and seeing all the pretty colors and the thrill of making a purchase and that warm feeling you get when you leave the store completely satisfied. I totally knew where she was coming from. And that's scary.

So this is my official statement of shopping abstinence. My name is Ynna Padilla and I shop too much. I am going to try and go 30 days without spending money. And to help myself see how much I do spend, I'm going to write all of my expenses on this nifty little thing so not only I, but my loyal readers can track my frivolity. Wish me luck!

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