Monday, June 14, 2010

oscar resort 2011

I just ate breakfast and am attempting to procrastinate working out as long as possible. You can't work out on a full stomach though, you know? So naturally I decided to check out some resort collections on Style. What a great decision. I fell in love with Oscar de la Renta's 2011 resort collection. I'm amazed that I managed to only include 4 looks, because the entire line was stunning. First look reminded me of the naked woman/cat prints at Miu Miu this fall. You should see this one from the back. Just as gorgeous. I fell in love with the crazy green color of this second look, and I'm such a sucker for off-the-shoulder. There was a ball gown done in this green and I hope a redhead celebrity takes advantage of it. Third look was just so cute. I love the tailoring of the shorts and how structured the jacket is. Perfect for a dinner date. I think the final look is my favorite. Oscar's color palette was flawless and the orange with the ruffles is too gorgeous. I'm obsessed with everything going on in this one. I guess my breakfast has been fully digested at this point *sigh* Expect more resort reviews because I think these shows are a good remedy to my recent shopping problem.

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