Friday, August 6, 2010

a simple little kind of free

This is going to be way too long.

Um it's August 6? When did that happen? It makes me really sad actually. Last week I went to the beach with my family. There's a nice sisterly shot for you. We go to Bethany which I love- good amount of people, overall pleasant crowd and cute little shops. A little bit crowded, but nowhere near as bad as some other east coast beaches. The majority of that week consisted of lying in the sun, eating delicious food every day, friendship bracelets, reading really good books and taking advantage of Rehoboth's outlets. I like lists so here's a list of highlights, in random order:

1) I loved The Hunger Games and recommend it to anyone. It really is as good as all the hype.
2) Ok, but I LOVED The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo even more. Pretty much complete opposites, but I can't wait to read the next 2 in this series. I have never been into crime/mystery novels, but I literally could not put this one down. It's pretty graphic though.
3) We found an Asian food store that sold MOCHI. My most favorite food in the world. The luck traveled home with us, because my mom has recently discovered a place in Lancaster that sells those little gems.
4) Perfect, perfect weather. When we went for the 4th, it was so humid, I couldn't stand to lay out for more than 20 mins at a time. This past week was breezy and sunny and perfect beach weather. It rained once, but the rain ended up cooling down the rest of the week.
5) Rehoboth outlets! Ok, so I guess I broke my spending fast. Whatever. But I totally scored at Lacoste and Michael Kors outlet. Why don't they have any in Lancaster?? Also marveled at everything in BCBG.
So anyone that has ever shopped with me knows that I've been on the hunt for the perfect boyfriend blazer since the end of last summer. I foolishly purchased a knit blazer from J. Crew earlier this summer, thinking it would satisfy my blazer needs, but I was so wrong. It's very cute, but it was a fraction of the price of real blazers since it wasn't actual suiting material. And then yesterday, I found it. Actually 2 days ago after my interview with Teavana (rejected, since I'm leaving in 3 weeks), I wandered into H&M and there it was. The perfect little boyfriend blazer, but alas, no size 2. So I continued to wander around the store and bam. Misplaced with semi-ugly party dresses, there was my little blazer, size 2. We have been very happy together.

Btw, excuse the lameness of this Photobooth pic, but I am blogging from my bed and had no desire to put on a real outfit to model the blazer.
Lately, I have been so into bangles. I love the look of stacks of bracelets on each wrist with a mix of sparkle, string and leather. Summer means friendship bracelets, so I have one that won't come off on my left wrist. I like to add a little bit of sparkle though to offset the summer camp-y look of my friendship bracelet. Presenting my small collection! From left to right: J. Crew, Ten Thousand Villages, Ten Thousand Villages, American Eagle, American Eagle and American Eagle. I am on the hunt for a nice sterling silver clasp bangle and lusting over a leather studded Madewell bracelet. I just can't bring myself to spend more than $8 on jewelry at a time.
Last night I experienced the brilliance that is John Mayer. The concert was originally scheduled for July 25, but it rained badly and equipment got damaged so it was rescheduled for last night. The reschedule ended up working in our favor, since they opened up 2/3 of the floor to general admission. So instead of sucky bleacher seats, we got a lot closer (my picture does not prove this point at all). I think anyone that appreciates music needs to attend a John Mayer concert at some point in their life. Highlights:

1) John referencing Gaga's "little monsters" as her fanbase and deciding his fans are "little dirtbags." I'm touched, really.
2) When asking the audience whether they wanted to hear Assassin or No Such Thing, and compromising with a super-sped up version of No Such Thing. Think Chipmunks.
3) Ain't No Sunshine cover. So brilliant and so sexy.
4) John's monologues before certain songs. I am pretty confident in the fact that he smokes a bowl before every show or that his water breaks include shots of something. But I mean, I enjoyed them.
5) Just jammin. John would just jam for so much of it, and I've never experienced that bc of my narrow concert experience, but I very much enjoyed it.
6) Who Says encore!! I was waiting for it the whole time. I like when he substituted Austin for Hershey. Cheesy, but appreciated.

I could keep going. But I'll spare anyone who has miraculously made it to this point. Basically John Mayer is phenomenal, summer is almost over and I want to cry and I need to blog more often so my entries aren't so long.

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