Monday, August 16, 2010

hi-fi fellas and lo-fi chicks

This weekend was so fun. Last night I saw MGMT in Philly and they were very good. Sooo many little hipsters. The lead singer (Andrew?) had the cutest mannerisms and voice and was so little, I just wanted to squeeze him. I like his voice a lot. The best parts were during the most popular songs because we were up in the balcony so it felt like it was bouncing. Actually it made me nervous. The venue was very cool too. It was like a big outdoor theater. So go see them if they're ever in your city.

1) Electric Feel, duh. I've loved this song forever and it just makes you want to dance.
2) Time to Pretend
3) Destrokk
4) Kids! So much fun and probably the most appreciated by everyone.
5) Congratulations encore. Such a good song and so great live.

Saturday night I went to see the Jonas Brothers in Hershey. We missed all of the opening acts so the concert felt really short and almost surreal, like we hadn't even gone to one. They played Please Be Mine, which is the first one they ever recorded and they showed pics of them growing up and I literally felt so sad. Like. Tears a little bit. More during Lovebug though. It was like, "Oh I'm growing up and so are the Jonas Brothers and they're probably going to stop touring and I'm growing up and that's scary." Some really emotional moments for me.

1) Nick Jonas everything. I am so into guys that can pull off the headband look. And, I mean, it's Nick Jonas.
2) Singing Happy Birthday to Joe (who is now 21. so old.) and watching him blow out cake candles. Presented by Kevin Jonas' cute cute wife.
3) Letting John Taylor sing BBGood.
4) A Little Bit Longer. Always.

I just really like the Jonas Brothers.
You know what sucks? The fact that it's August 16 and in 12 days I'll be boarding a plane back to Provo, Utah.

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