Monday, August 30, 2010

throw down like a rich girl's bar tab

Leaving Lancaster on Saturday was much harder than leaving Lancaster last August or January. I spent my last week working (most hours all summer), running errands and basking in the simple joys of Lancaster County. Pictured above is little Ivy and me posing in front of a sign that says Lancaster. Sooo Lanc.
Before crepes, Alyanna, Ivy and I wandered into Pappagallo's, a cute boutique in Lancaster City because 1) They were hiring part-time and 2) This Sharon Segal dress in the window. I'm almost certain this dress was designed just for me. Sleeves, sparkles and shorter length- all necessary when it comes to choosing party dresses. It fit perfectly and there were only 2 in the whole store. Sadly, my recent attempts to take full advantage of my employee discount at J. Crew did not allow me to purchase this little gem, but I saved the picture on my phone and fantasize about wearing it to formal dances and birthday parties I won't be invited to.

Things I Will Miss Most:
1) My family- I was such a mess at the airport. Every time I've flown back to school I always tear up a little, just because my mom does, but I was full-out crying in the Philadelphia terminal. I rendered many sympathetic looks.
2) My cute, cute house- I love my house and bed so, so much.
3) J. Crew employee discount- This is kind of painful to think about. Obviously it will be better for my bank account, but I can't help but imagine what new pieces will be arriving for winter that I won't get to have an extra 30% off on.
4) My mom's cooking- Since I arrived late Saturday night, I haven't had a chance to do any grocery shopping. Thankfully I have sweet roommates that share their food, but no Easy Mac will ever take the place of my mommy's delicious Filipino cooking.

Anyone who's ever read this blog knows I'm a sucker for street style shots. I'll go through 200 pages of a street style blog and save half the images. Stockholmstreetstyle is one of my favorite blogs and I thought this shot captured summer well. Fashion wise, the thing I will miss most is bare legs. I love breezy dresses, little skirts and preppy shorts, all of which will never make an appearance during Provo's ridiculous winter.
I'm almost done unpacking all of my clothes. Can I just say I LOVE unpacking? Clothes at least. It's so much fun taking out all the clothes you forgot you had, or the ones that you thought about and are so excited to wear. I still have a box somewhere in the United States full of some of my most favorite pieces, so I'm anxiously waiting the arrival of that package. It's so weird being in an apartment. You felt so safe and sheltered in the dorms. My room is still in shambles, but Jadyn and I are slowly adding personal touches and making it more livable. Someday I will dedicate a post to my new living space when it doesn't look so disheveled. My roommates are all very sweet and I think this year is going to be much better than last.

Things I Am Looking Forward to the Most:
1) Fall fashion- Jackets, boots, tights and skirts, turtlenecks, sweaters, cardigans, flats. Did I mention I scored a new pair of Tory Burch flats and vintage Ferragamo pumps on eBay for all under $50?? No big deal.
2) Winter fashion- Coats, scarves, hats, mittens, thicker sweaters, more boots.
3) Laid back schedule- My courseload seems pretty reasonable and will definitely be a challenge, but my schedule is so nice this semester. No Friday classes and my first class on Monday is at 3 PM. Also I'm taking an anatomy class which was my favorite class in high school, however this will probably be the bane of my existence this fall.
4) New friends/old friends- I'm excited to make new friends and start fresh, as well as see the great people I met last year again.
5) Christmas- Duh?

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