Tuesday, August 17, 2010

i heard from someone you're still pretty

Check it out. This chick, Marisa Lynch lost her job so she decided to challenge herself to make a new dress every day for $1. So she goes to thrift stores and hits up their $1 sales and transforms disgusting muumuus into cute, functional dresses. I am amazed! I'm literally going through her entire blog as we speak. This girl has serious sewing skills and now I'm inspired to learn to sew. Not really. But I am still very impressed.

And this song has been on repeat for the past 2 days. Iron & Wine + Kid Cudi = brilliance. This is easily the best cover of Pursuit of Happiness I've ever heard. I will even go as far to say as it's in my top 10 best covers of songs ever.
Look what came in the mail yesterday! I think I've been looking for the perfect leather riding boot since fall of senior year and believe me, I've found some gorgeous ones, but they were usually $350+. Usually because I fall in love with the ones at J. Crew every fall. And every fall they're always way too expensive. So I did an eBay search for "jcrew boot 6" and came across these beauties. I think these were from Fall 09 or 08 and were originally $325. I got them for $100, plus $11 shipping. You do not know how many outfits I have been envisioning since I secured them online. I'm pretty excited about them and not only do I like the way they look and feel, they even smell absolutely delicious. I guess they are the one thing about going back to school that I'm excited for. And yes, I will continue to complain about going back to school until I leave, and then expect me to complain that I'm at school once I'm there.

Btw, J. Crew is getting their second fall shipment tonight and I think I may die when I go into work tomorrow. I may or may not write "leather jacket" on my hand to remind myself that that is the only purchase I'm allowed to make for fall/winter.

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