Friday, September 24, 2010

burberry prorsum ss11

It's a Friday night and I realized a couple hours ago that I forgot to learn the origins and insertions of all the muscles I will be tested on tomorrow morning. But before I do that, I have to review my favorite fashion house of all time.

This season was such a stark contrast from last spring's pastels and criss-cross minidresses. Every season I think to myself, "how will Chris (first name basis obvi) re-do the iconic trench again?" And every season he does it beautifully. SS11 was very rock 'n roll biker chick. Every motorcycle jacket he sent down was flawless. You know how I've been looking for the perfect moto jacket? Yeah, I found about 20 in this show ranging from classic black to lime green (die) to python. I loved the jewel-y tones of all the mini-dresses, and you can't tell from these pics, but almost all of them had zippers going down the back lined with leather. So punk-y. The leather zippered leggings were also a theme. Ok, starting from the lime green jacket going right.

1) Who would think to create a perfect leather motorcycle jacket, already flawless and then make it lime green? Um, Christopher Bailey. Whose sexual orientation I may or may not have Google searched earlier today...
2) Love this purple. The Michelin man tire sleeves remind me so much of a fall line from 2009 or 2008... can't remember. Thought it was Balenciaga but no. Givenchy? Idk, but I've seen those sleeves before!
3) The jacket is perfection.
4) My favorite dress that went down. Look at that color. So beautiful.
5) I just love this whole look because it's so unexpected. I'm getting a Zenon Girl of the 21st Century vibe and I like it.
6) I don't even like studs and I need this jacket.
7) Ultimate designer crush <3 div="">

Every season, I die for Burberry.

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