Sunday, September 26, 2010

out of context in this gaudy apartment complex

Amidst the excitement of fall Fashion Week and my neverending amount of schoolwork, I have forgotten why I started this little blog. I type much faster than I can write and one time my mom read my diary when I was younger, so I refuse to keep a journal. Blogging is much easier and I can put up nice pictures. But my whole purpose was to record my life happenings. Don't get me wrong, Fashion Week is an integral part of my life, but I have neglected to talk about my real life. The one that's going on right now in Provo.

Last weekend Jadyn and I went to St. Johns, Arizona. It's a small town, but it was fun to meet her family and all the people in St. Johns. I rode a motorcycle. It was great. On the way back we stopped at the Grand Canyon. So grand. Seriously. By the end of the trip I was so full of Mexican food and sick of the desert, but I liked it. It's always nice to get out.

School is hard. I find this semester even harder than my first semester where I failed chemistry and biology at once. Human anatomy consumes me. It takes up so much time and energy. I really feel like I'm learning a new language. Every week we have lab quizzes on the new parts of the body we've learned. This past Saturday we learned the muscles of the lower half. Oh I forgot to say. We're learning on cadavers! It really is amazing. When I look at one, I am still amazed that my own body resembles the ones on the table. Kind of. The human body is a fascinating, beautiful thing.

I dropped sign language and added New Testament. I love my NT class, actually. I've always had a strong opinion about the religion courses at BYU. Mostly I think they're unnecessarily hard and shouldn't be a requirement. I still think that, but I do love my NT professor. His name is Jeffrey Marsh (same name as my AP English teacher. very different people). He is hilarious and so knowledgeable. I feel like all the religion teachers are. But his class is great. My other classes are ok, I don't really hate anything. I have two night classes that are each once a week that seem to go on forever. Oh, I also started working for catering. It's fast paced which I like, but I still get nervous carrying trays.

It's weird. In a few days it will be October and the weather is still hot. I like it, but I'm anxious to wear fall clothes. But after I wear all my fall clothes, I'll want it to be summer again and instead it will be a 10 month winter.

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