Thursday, September 9, 2010

knowingly tastes like a recipe

School is hard, but I'm adjusting ok. I really love my living situation this year and already like this year so much better than last. I will probably keep saying that. Things I don't like: spending money on hangers, cereal and shampoo instead of dresses and sweaters. The tuition at BYU really is such a great blessing. Classes are hard already. I always make the mistake of underestimating everything and then having to pay for it with low first scores in the gradebook. A rundown of my classes this semester:

Intro to Communication Disorders- This is the intro class to my major. I guess it will get interesting eventually. My teacher is funny, but everyone in that class dies of laughter every time she opens her mouth, so I feel kind of stupid when I don't laugh.

Human Anatomy- Already so interesting, but so overwhelming. It helped a little bit having it in high school, but there are so many more bones you need to know. I predict I will be living in the labs this semester.

History of Creativty- So boring. I only have it once a week and it's 2 and half hours long. It feels like going to church but without getting to switch classes every hour. My teacher is such a sweet guy though, I feel bad when I fall asleep.

Doctrine & Covenants- Also once a week. Cool teacher. I expect this will be my easiest class this semester because everything is take-home.

ASL102- Most underestimated class of the century. Last semester I totally didn't take ASL101 seriously. I skipped at least once a week and rarely did any outside work and walked out with an easy A. Definitely can't do that this sem. Like. I suck at American Sign Language.

Model UN- Why am I taking this class you may ask? I love public speaking and I know it's a big part of MUN and I was originally going to try it with Jadyn, but now I'm flying solo and it's so intimidating. One of my long-time goals has always been to be more informed about the world and this class is really forcing me to, but I'm glad. I think I'm going to enjoy it, but it will probably be my second hardest after Anatomy. My country assignment is Djibouti. HA.

Probably the most boring post I've ever written, but cramming 150 different bones into my brain has drained all intellect and wit. Our room is pretty much done, so I'll put up pictures soon. Oh, I got a catering job too.

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