Sunday, September 26, 2010

out of context in this gaudy apartment complex

Amidst the excitement of fall Fashion Week and my neverending amount of schoolwork, I have forgotten why I started this little blog. I type much faster than I can write and one time my mom read my diary when I was younger, so I refuse to keep a journal. Blogging is much easier and I can put up nice pictures. But my whole purpose was to record my life happenings. Don't get me wrong, Fashion Week is an integral part of my life, but I have neglected to talk about my real life. The one that's going on right now in Provo.

Last weekend Jadyn and I went to St. Johns, Arizona. It's a small town, but it was fun to meet her family and all the people in St. Johns. I rode a motorcycle. It was great. On the way back we stopped at the Grand Canyon. So grand. Seriously. By the end of the trip I was so full of Mexican food and sick of the desert, but I liked it. It's always nice to get out.

School is hard. I find this semester even harder than my first semester where I failed chemistry and biology at once. Human anatomy consumes me. It takes up so much time and energy. I really feel like I'm learning a new language. Every week we have lab quizzes on the new parts of the body we've learned. This past Saturday we learned the muscles of the lower half. Oh I forgot to say. We're learning on cadavers! It really is amazing. When I look at one, I am still amazed that my own body resembles the ones on the table. Kind of. The human body is a fascinating, beautiful thing.

I dropped sign language and added New Testament. I love my NT class, actually. I've always had a strong opinion about the religion courses at BYU. Mostly I think they're unnecessarily hard and shouldn't be a requirement. I still think that, but I do love my NT professor. His name is Jeffrey Marsh (same name as my AP English teacher. very different people). He is hilarious and so knowledgeable. I feel like all the religion teachers are. But his class is great. My other classes are ok, I don't really hate anything. I have two night classes that are each once a week that seem to go on forever. Oh, I also started working for catering. It's fast paced which I like, but I still get nervous carrying trays.

It's weird. In a few days it will be October and the weather is still hot. I like it, but I'm anxious to wear fall clothes. But after I wear all my fall clothes, I'll want it to be summer again and instead it will be a 10 month winter.

Friday, September 24, 2010

burberry prorsum ss11

It's a Friday night and I realized a couple hours ago that I forgot to learn the origins and insertions of all the muscles I will be tested on tomorrow morning. But before I do that, I have to review my favorite fashion house of all time.

This season was such a stark contrast from last spring's pastels and criss-cross minidresses. Every season I think to myself, "how will Chris (first name basis obvi) re-do the iconic trench again?" And every season he does it beautifully. SS11 was very rock 'n roll biker chick. Every motorcycle jacket he sent down was flawless. You know how I've been looking for the perfect moto jacket? Yeah, I found about 20 in this show ranging from classic black to lime green (die) to python. I loved the jewel-y tones of all the mini-dresses, and you can't tell from these pics, but almost all of them had zippers going down the back lined with leather. So punk-y. The leather zippered leggings were also a theme. Ok, starting from the lime green jacket going right.

1) Who would think to create a perfect leather motorcycle jacket, already flawless and then make it lime green? Um, Christopher Bailey. Whose sexual orientation I may or may not have Google searched earlier today...
2) Love this purple. The Michelin man tire sleeves remind me so much of a fall line from 2009 or 2008... can't remember. Thought it was Balenciaga but no. Givenchy? Idk, but I've seen those sleeves before!
3) The jacket is perfection.
4) My favorite dress that went down. Look at that color. So beautiful.
5) I just love this whole look because it's so unexpected. I'm getting a Zenon Girl of the 21st Century vibe and I like it.
6) I don't even like studs and I need this jacket.
7) Ultimate designer crush <3 div="">

Every season, I die for Burberry.

Friday, September 17, 2010

marc jacobs ss11

Because Marc Jacobs always deserves his own post. And I'm waiting to put my clothes in the dryer. So, in its infinite wisdom has added this new feature for all of the SS11 shows where you can actually see each look as it went down the runway. So. Cool.

I'm obsessed with this collection. The colors were gorgeous. So vibrant and bright and such a breath of fresh air from the usual pastels and airy neutrals (which I still love). I kind of got a Dirty Dancing Havana Nights vibe as well as the obvious 70's feel. I just see a hot Latin princess wearing all of this on vacation in St. Tropez. My favorite pieces are the yellow peasant top in the 1st row, 2nd look and the absolutely gorgeous plum/crimson bow dress in the last row, 1st look. So, so beautiful. Love love love that plum color. Die die die for the giant flowers and bows. Of course.

Easily one of the strongest collections at Fashion Week. In my opinion, Marc Jacobs is one of, if not the best American designers of our day. Can't even express how excited I am for Louis Vuitton SS11!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

bcbg, cynthia rowley, jason wu, prabal gurung ss11

Oh Fashion Week. You didn't seriously think I would put my SS11 reviews on hold because of school did you? I love Fall Fashion Week even more than Winter because I love warm weather attire. The colors, dresses, breezy fabrics and strappy heels- ugh. If I didn't love the east coast so much, I would consider living in a warm place for the rest of my life. Ok. Here we go:

BCBG: I love Max Azria and I think the BCBG line is one of the most wearable and versatile lines. Max's SS11 collection for BCBG was super, super minimalist. Everything was sheer and lightweight. I got a Lolita/nymphette vibe from the whole thing. The third look (2nd row, 1st look) is my absolute favorite.

Cynthia Rowley: I am a big fan of Cynthia's because her lines are always very clean, fun and preppy. I loved the collars this season.

Jason Wu: Enter the first of many amazing Asian designers ^_^ The whole time all I could think about were the turbans at Prada SS07. Their return in Wu's SS11 line doesn't make me like them any more. I just think they're very unflattering on even the most stunning person. But I am obsessed with with the sheer black giant bow blouse with the white short suit. I die for obnoxious bows.

Prabal Gurung: Repping the Asians once again. I was in love with this from the first look. I was reminded of those tangrams you played with in elementary school. You know, the ones where you try and fit them into the shapes that make a picture? Also I got a sea anemone vibe from the 2nd look (6th row down, 2nd look). The coral pants reminded me of something my mom would wear. I loved the geometric ruffle thing he did. That white dress? Ugh. But I saved my absolute favorite looks for last. Both I am obsessed with. Love love love the obscene neon and you know my relationship with ruffles. Prabal's was my favorite of this set.

I painted my nails grey this morning in honor of Gaga's VMA domination. I've never done grey before and I must say, I am very into them. Little monsters for life <3 div="">

Thursday, September 9, 2010

knowingly tastes like a recipe

School is hard, but I'm adjusting ok. I really love my living situation this year and already like this year so much better than last. I will probably keep saying that. Things I don't like: spending money on hangers, cereal and shampoo instead of dresses and sweaters. The tuition at BYU really is such a great blessing. Classes are hard already. I always make the mistake of underestimating everything and then having to pay for it with low first scores in the gradebook. A rundown of my classes this semester:

Intro to Communication Disorders- This is the intro class to my major. I guess it will get interesting eventually. My teacher is funny, but everyone in that class dies of laughter every time she opens her mouth, so I feel kind of stupid when I don't laugh.

Human Anatomy- Already so interesting, but so overwhelming. It helped a little bit having it in high school, but there are so many more bones you need to know. I predict I will be living in the labs this semester.

History of Creativty- So boring. I only have it once a week and it's 2 and half hours long. It feels like going to church but without getting to switch classes every hour. My teacher is such a sweet guy though, I feel bad when I fall asleep.

Doctrine & Covenants- Also once a week. Cool teacher. I expect this will be my easiest class this semester because everything is take-home.

ASL102- Most underestimated class of the century. Last semester I totally didn't take ASL101 seriously. I skipped at least once a week and rarely did any outside work and walked out with an easy A. Definitely can't do that this sem. Like. I suck at American Sign Language.

Model UN- Why am I taking this class you may ask? I love public speaking and I know it's a big part of MUN and I was originally going to try it with Jadyn, but now I'm flying solo and it's so intimidating. One of my long-time goals has always been to be more informed about the world and this class is really forcing me to, but I'm glad. I think I'm going to enjoy it, but it will probably be my second hardest after Anatomy. My country assignment is Djibouti. HA.

Probably the most boring post I've ever written, but cramming 150 different bones into my brain has drained all intellect and wit. Our room is pretty much done, so I'll put up pictures soon. Oh, I got a catering job too.