Wednesday, March 9, 2011

louis vuitton fw11

The fall shows concluded today with Louis Vuitton in Paris, and I couldn't think of a better way to end. Marc Jacobs did not disappoint with his fall/winter collection for LV. The stage was set up as a hotel, complete with elevator operators and monogrammed LV bellhop hats. This collection bore striking resemblances to Marc Jacobs' collection at NYFW. I know I said Céline was favorite show for fall, but LV might be a close second, or even tie.
This collection was so kinky. Maybe it was the hotel atmosphere, definitely the handcuffs connected to the bags and probably the rubber dominatrix boots. I loved the button details in these two looks, and that color red. And who doesn't love a good thigh high?
Love, love, love this pencil skirt. LOVE. And check out Naomi. So major.
Possibly my favorite look of this collection. I love pale pink and the volumes in this show were fantastic. Some were so extravagant, they were unflattering, but this was a great balance. I'm not sure what the print is, but probably something kinky. The accessories were bomb, as always with LV. I want everything, especially a handcuff purse and monogrammed bellhop hat.
There were a couple scale-y ensembles, and this was my favorite of all of them. I love the neckline of the top. I really liked the simplicity of the white blouse, but it was still incredibly daring to me. Probably because of the huge shoulders.
And my favorite part? Kate Moss closing the show smoking a cig in latex briefs and lace-up dominatrix boots. MAJOR. Ahh the genius behind it all. I have a crush on Marc Jacobs. Not as much as Christopher Bailey, but it's definitely there. He's so cute.

Marc Jacobs vs. Louis Vuitton
So check it out. Obviously there would be some similarities between the two houses since it's the same creative director, but they were especially blatant this season.
1) Hats. At MJ they were polka dots and worn on the side and at LV, they were monogrammed or varying colors in bellhop style.
2) Dots. MJ they were everywhere, tights and dresses and at LV they came in the form of buttons. They're not as obvious in this look, but some looks were ALL buttons.
3) Sheer. Whether it was just the sleeves, or the entire blouse, both collections incorporated sheerness into their looks. Part of that kinky feel I guess.
4) Rubber. Boots at LV, blouses at MJ. Kink baby.
5) Collars. Peter Pan collars in white and various colors popped up at both shows and were usually found with sheer sleeves.
6) Volume. Huge sleeves, huge waists. Volume was everywhere.

Both shows were extremely similar and both extremely awesome. I love Marc Jacobs and his work for his house and Vuitton. Such a skilled designer, beautiful craftsmanship and the most interesting concepts. He is one of my top 10 people in fashion that I would love to be friends with/go out to lunch with.

Another great season. Stay tuned for my top 10 shows from New York, London, Milan and Paris!

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  1. "Probably something kinky" I snickered :P
    I love how you compare the similarities. So true, they were definitely extremely awesome.