Wednesday, March 2, 2011

burberry prorsum fw11

Ahh the most anticipated show of of the season for me!! Burberry Prorsum FW11 was fantastic. Seriously, all 16 minutes and 37 seconds of it are pure magic. I love Christopher Bailey even more than I already did before and I'm obsessed with Jourdan Dunn. If you skip to 8:49, Chris uses Adele's "Someone Like You" from her new album 21. Absolutely perfect. And Adele's new album is fantastic. Such a beautiful voice.
Jourdan Dunn opened the show, and I don't think I could have picked a more beautiful girl/perfect look. The orange coat reminds me of an orange toggle coat I had in middle school, that my mom loved more than me at the time, but now I would kill to have it again. Chris did such a gorgeous job with the tailoring of this show. Not only were the colors my ideal outerwear choices, but the different volumes of the sleeves and hemlines were adorable. I think winter can be so gloomy, but I wouldn't mind it so much if I could wear any of these coats.
Obsessed with the chartreuse and the sleeves and the matching bag. Probably my favorite coat of the show. Should've included a back shot of this dress- there's a giant bow at the nape of the neck.
Second favorite coat of the whole show. When do you see this color in the fall or winter? Never, that's when. Until I get this coat and wear it every day next winter. Love the use of that toggle buckle thing as buttons and a belt. The color palette makes me think of Andy Warhol and pop art and Twiggy.
Of course I couldn't resist the pops of fur. Love the orange piping and yellow belt of this coat. And I need a fur tunic and burnt orange skinnies. And all of the shoes.
More fur. More perfection. This last coat is probably the most functional of all of the ones I picked out. I loved it paired with the purple. I can never resist the classic silhouettes of Burberry. This was another perfect show and fits my personality and style almost as well as the SS10 show did. Don't get me wrong, I will wear anything Christopher Bailey puts down the runway, but there was something special about this show. The colors were playful, silhouettes were classic and feminine and just very Ynna.

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