Sunday, March 6, 2011

céline fw 2011

Phoebe Philo killed it this fall at Céline. This is easily my favorite fall/winter collection for 2011. Big statement, I know, but it really was perfect. So functional, clean, gorgeous lines, beautiful textures. I wanted it all, except maybe the tree bark looks. But everything else was lovely.
Who doesn't love a simple, neutral and tailored dress? So classic and such a necessary item in every woman's wardrobe. I love the bright orange in this jacket. Bright orange seems to be a big trend for fall. I saw it all over New York, London, Milan and now Paris.
I need this coat. But seriously. Look at it. Look. At. That. Collar. So luxe. I love how Phoebe brought back the turtleneck this show. My mom loves turtlenecks and was always so willing to buy them for me growing up. In high school, I was always hesitant to rock any color besides black, but I've been more inclined to wear other colors paired with corduroy minis now that I'm in college. But I love the use of the white turtleneck paired with everything in this show. It's so simple, but so chic and daring in its own way. I love the geometric patterns in this sweater. Totally reminds me of tangrams and Bill Cosby. And what's more perfect than a white turtleneck and black leather skinnies?
I love the color blocking of these two dresses and her use of different leathers. And no one can make mock necks look sexy except for Phoebe.
Ahh best coat of the show! Statement coats were such a big part of this show and I'm obsessed with this fur one. I love the streak of random red and the illusion of the 3/4 sleeves. What I love about this ivory coat and fur color blocking is the use of fur, without being too intense. I know that seems odd, especially after gushing over the chestnut all-over fur, but I don't know if I'm confident enough to rock a knee-length fur look, so the subtle detailing is a great compromise for me.
Why yes, I do need an all-fur dress, how nice of you to create one for me, Phoebe! Initially I thought the bag in the next look was a helmet, which kind of makes sense since the inspiration for this show was luxury automobiles. I think of the Ford model-T and for some reason associate helmets with them. Did they ever wear helmets driving them? Goggles right, but helmets? Anyway. Love the futuristic/geometric feel of this ivory shift and the black pointed toe loafers were such a nice contrast.
Grey fur might be my favorite thing ever. I'm obsessed with this zipper tunic and all of the layering she used in this show. It looks so warm and perfect for the endless winters here in Provo. Look at this ALL-PINK suit. I get such an equestrian/jockey feel from this one, because jockeys' uniforms are always fun colors. This was such a standout look in the entire collection amongst the neutral greys and random jewel tones. And I've always wanted an excuse to wear pale pink skinnies.
The reigning queen of minimalism and chic staples. Look how cute she is in her own little turtleneck and skinnies! To me, Céline is all about basics- coats, pants, trousers, blouses, etc. Items that belong in every stylish woman's closet that can be layered with more elaborate pieces or worn alone. Either way, Phoebe Philo has done it again with another gorgeously functional collection. I can't wait to see the different ways women incorporate this collection into their wardrobes and look forward to the inevitable number of street style shots of these pieces.

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