Wednesday, March 23, 2011

my chick in that new phoebe philo

I've been neglecting this blog ever since I got a Tumblr. It's just so much easier to post a few pretty pictures than create a blog entry. I can do it during bio, whereas I get a bit self-conscious blogging, and prefer to do it in the comfort of my room. But check out my little Tumblie. It's the cutest.

Earlier this month, my roommate Amber and I decided to take a semi-spontaneous trip to Vegas for the Mountain West Conference. We left Thursday afternoon and planned to be back Saturday morning, but after winning against New Mexico, we decided to stay to watch the championship game. Such a great decision, even though the SDSU game was depressing. Not to mention, SDSU students are super classy. It was my first time in Vegas and I got to experience all the tourist-y things you do there. Favorite part besides watching the games? Shopping, obviously. I went to the best outlets I've ever been to in Vegas. And got myself these boots from Aldo:
I've been wanting combat boots forever, and ever since I saw the Chanel FW11 RTW collection, I was convinced I needed a pair. These ones are great, but I've found that they're most comfortable when I wear tights. I'm on the hunt for super thin, almost stocking-like trouser socks. If you have any good websites, let me know. The shopping was incredible, but surprisingly this was my only purchase. However, I will be venturing to NYC April 16-24 and these are two items that I refuse to leave the city without:

I bought a pair of cheap gladiators from H&M last summer, but they are a little scuffed and will probably fall apart mid-July, but I tried these brown ones on at Aldo and loved them. So comfortable. Don't get me wrong, I love my Rainbows, but sometimes I like to dress up skirts and dresses with cute sandals. And as for the blouse, I need it. I've been obsessed with silky pocket blouses ever since I got the J. Crew catalog featuring the Blythe blouse. I love the masculine feel of the pockets and loose fit, but love how they make it feminine with the silk material. This is the Bromley blouse from Madewell, and I die for the color. It's the same price as the Blythe and since there isn't a Madewell in Utah, I plan on taking advantage of the best shopping in the United States when I go to New York.

And what would March be without March Madness? College basketball is my favorite thing to watch (sportswise) on television after the World Cup. I grew up in a household that is crazy about basketball. My dad jokes that the Philippines has two religions- Catholicism and basketball, which I find hilarious since most Filipinos are short. My bracket is not that great, but way better than last year. I even called some of those upsets. And can I just say the Southeast and West parts of my bracket are flawless? I'm so excited for tomorrow's game against Florida. Go Cougars!
Elizabeth Taylor passed away today. Honestly one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen. RIP Liz.

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