Saturday, July 9, 2011

feelin lit feelin light 2 am summer night

Oh what a week it has been! My family left for the beach Sunday evening. We went to Fenwick Island, in Delaware for the first time. I really, really liked it. Almost as much as Bethany Beach. We celebrated the 4th of July and stayed until Wednesday night. I really do love the beach. There's nothing more perfect to me than sitting in a chair in the sand reading a really fantastic book, and jumping in the water when it gets too hot.
We didn't stay as long as we normally do because Thursday night was Kid Cudi at the Mann Center in Philadelphia. That venue is great. I went one other time for MGMT, and it was even more fun on the floor. Here's Alyanna, Erin and me waiting for the concert to start.

The concert was DOPE. No seriously, it was so much fun. Kid Cudi is an incredible performer. I've never attended a hip hop concert in my life, but I had the greatest time. I will admit I felt goofy at first because I'm not even a little bit hood. But you kind of forget that and just dance. I imagine the whole thing would have been even more entertaining high, but I can assure you the surrounding air was potent enough for anyone in attendance to get a little blazed.
You may be a little bit curious as to why I am blogging at 4:18 AM. Taylor and I made a bet that the first one of us to read the entire Harry Potter series before July 15 wins a dinner with the loser dressed up as a character of their choice. I fear public humiliation, so I have spent the past 2 weeks re-reading the series. For a while, I had pretty good lead, and then all of a sudden Taylor decided to catch up. So naturally I spent my last evening starting and completing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I only finished half an hour ago. I am curious as to why I am in tears for the last 200 pages, even though this has been the 5th or 6th time reading it.

Look how much they've grown! Isn't it unreal? I am dreading/anticipating the July 15 because I feel like I'm saying goodbye to a part of my childhood, and essentially, I am. I started reading the books when I was 9 or something, because I got the first three as as Christmas present. Over the years, they have become battered and the binding has literally fallen apart and I have to read the 4th and 7th in sections. Needless to say, the Harry Potter series is a work of genius. The books and the movies (despite my disappointment with 3, 5 and 6) are masterpieces that will forever have a place in my heart.

The other day I was watching the live stream of the London premiere with my mom and we were both getting teary-eyed. Me, because it's the end of my childhood and my mother, because she's a naturally emotional person and I guess feels a special bond to the movies. But perhaps I was most touched by Emma Watson's flawless choice of gown. Oscar de la Renta. Guess who else wore Oscar? Oh you know, J.K. ROWLING. They were perfect. But seriously. Look at Emma and LOOK at that dress. There is nothing wrong with the it or the wearer. Too perfect.

July 15, please come quickly. But not too quickly because I will be an emotional wreck.


  1. Emma is stunning!!A real star
    Sara C.

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