Tuesday, July 3, 2012

empty space that you create does nothing for my flawless sense of style

In 1 hour and 40 minutes I will be done with my shift. Today I attended an Excel class. I actually learned some handy tips. I'm taking it because every month we have a staff meeting and my boss asks me what skills I've been developing and I'm always the only one that has no new developments. So this month I will be able to proudly announce that I have significantly improved my Excel skills via 5-day course from BYU IT. My teachers are goofy and make terrible jokes.

Today is Emilee Crowder's 20th birthday. Happy birthday sweet girl! Unfortunately, I have no cute pictures of Emilee and me because our friendship has really blossomed this summer. I've known her for a while because she is an east coast elitist, so naturally we are attracted to each other, but I never really hung out with or talked with Emilee til this past year. Emilee and I both work in the Tanner building and she works a floor below me. Almost every day I come to visit her for 20 minutes or more to chat about our lives and eat candy. My favorite thing about Emilee is her carpe diem attitude about life. Emilee has an ongoing summer bucket list that she has consistently been checking things off. And these aren't just "go swimming" or "eat an ice cream cone." They're super specific like "hike the Y and eat cereal at the top" (which she did this morning!). The coolest part, besides how intricate each item is, is the fact that she completes them. Emilee has a contagious, adventurous attitude that I love and wish to adopt more in my life. Happy birthday lady.
So the first picture I chose I just found on Tumblr (if they're not from my Instagram, they are probably from Tumblr). I just found it wildly romantic and summer appropriate. The next picture directly above is what I wish I could wear every single day because PROVO IS HOT AS HELL. It's been in the 90's for weeks. Not to mention the forest fires that are consuming Utah and the west coast. The end is near.

Lately I've been pulling out random sundresses to wear because it's just too hot for anything else. I've gotten over the biking with a dress complex. I've accepted that it's not ladylike, but I'd rather be cool than proper at this point. Sorry Mommy and sorry Provo. I will say that I've tried to stay away from my shorter skirts and dresses while biking. There is some decency left in me. Plus side is, I'm getting a lot of wear out of dresses that are normally reserved for summer Sundays. 
I've been meaning to blog about this since I discovered it, but I keep forgetting with all the new music I've been finding and that's been released. Let me tell you about my #dark past.

I firmly believe that before there were hipsters, there were scene kids with Myspaces and bathroom pics. I was one of these QTs. No, let me tell you about it. I never really wore the scene clothes because a) I liked Abercrombie b) Still have a weird thing with black and pink. Not my fave combo c) My mom would never step foot in Hot Topic. But I totally embraced the scene accessories. I rocked the hair bows and pearls and not-so-witty t-shirts from Delias. Whatever. But perhaps the most memorable part of my scenester days was my excellent taste in music, including but not limited to Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, Fall Out Boy, The Used, etc. Kill-yourself-slit-your-wrists-my-life-is-so-damn-hard hits. The more I think about it, the more I could dedicate an entire post to this, and maybe I will some other slow day at work. Basically though, I still love these songs with their ridiculous lyrics and teenage angst and have a playlist just for them and alternate this playlist with a much more updated, upbeat pop one for working out. Yeah. I run to the drawn out screams of Jesse Lacey and I am not ashamed. It's awesome though. The first time I did it, I was feeling so nostalgic and just reflecting on my not-actually-sad middle school years that I finished the whole playlist and didn't even realize I could be done running. So if you were ever a peace-sign-gasping-face-in-the-mirror lil QT like me and loved blasting suicidal tunes from your 4th generation iPod, I suggest collecting these sweet melodies and creating your very own I Hate Everything running playlist. It's super angsty and emo and especially effective if it's raining or you're actually mad. Plus you burn calories and can stay sKiNnY 4 eVr


  1. Jesse Lacey haha love it! I love reflecting on my angry days. "and you can think of me when you forget your seat belt and again when your head goes through the windshield" I never sang that about boys that didn't love me.... also I TOTALLY agree with the black and pink thing

  2. just found your cute blog and wanted to let you know that those songs/bands define my entire 8th and 9th grade experience. i was the most emo girl to ever wear abercrombie polos all of freshman year. we would have been great friends.