Monday, June 3, 2013

hold me in your everlasting arms

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Last week in Provo as Ynna Padilla. Ahhh!!! Memorial Day weekend I went camping with Preston, Callan and Grady at Fish Lake. I hate camping but this wasn't so bad, minus freezing my @$$ off Saturday night. On Memorial Day we went sailing on Grady's newly named sailboat The Shady Lady. (I came up with that gem.) Preston and I pressed some flowers a few weeks ago and we decided to frame them this weekend. Aren't they gorgeous? I actually helped with these. Yesterday was 90 degrees so we went to Mona and went off the rope swing and had a picnic lunch. It was a perfect afternoon. I sure do love Provo summer.
I'm getting married in 18 days. I'm going home to Lancaster in 6. I like the not-so-new Vampire Weekend album. I have a headache probably because I woke up before 10 AM today. My best friend's getting married this Saturday. I love this month.

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